Education data analytics

Incorta empowers education leaders to quickly analyze, act and improve operational performance using trusted data to make informed decisions


From the growing transition to online learning models, ensuring student safety, regulatory pressures and the operational management of complex campus sites, analytics in education takes many forms and requires access to data from disparate data sources.

Overburdened analysts struggle to quickly pull and analyze data from so many systems in response to operational demands, hindering their ability to create actionable insights for today’s education leaders.



Incorta Analytics in Education

The Incorta platform allows today’s education establishments to bring together core data sources to create one single source of truth to drill into, analyze and respond to quickly.

Empower institutions of all levels to graduate to the next level of data analytics and BI with a powerful and intuitive visualization front-end.

From central IT and ERP systems such as Oracle or Workday, to maintenance supplier spreadsheet management, Incorta makes it simple to access education analytics from any source.

The Incorta platform offers fast data refresh capabilities from your business application source systems. Access and analyze near real-time data to maximize operational insights.

Already deployed a BI or analytics solution? Incorta works seamlessly with your existing technology to provide rapid query acceleration to give a much-needed boost to your dashboards.

“By implementing Incorta, we went from almost a total absence of reporting to immediate access to virtually real-time information… This is a huge win for us.”

Business Systems Manager Land & Buildings Department