Manufacturing analytics

Lower costs, reduce cycle times and maximize production output with manufacturing analytics solutions from Incorta


Manufacturers face the constant pressure of revenue optimization, where the accurate prediction of consumer demand drives sales forecasts, but also helps minimize stockouts and wastage. Without optimal product pricing, companies end up leaving money on the table.

Minimizing the risks of supply chain disruption as a result of global events is always top of mind, while plant operations teams look to deliver efficient and smooth production, with close attention to target KPIs and metrics.

Incorta and manufacturing analytics

The Incorta platform ingests data directly from all your sources, including applications like Salesforce, your ERP and your quality test results.

Incorta enables you to get answers to questions as they arise by optimizing analytics on even the most complex data sets, all easily accessible through dynamic dashboards.

Pivot instantly, gain updates in real time and keep your operations running smoothly. Incorta refreshes data at short intervals to ensure that your insights are always up to date.

Ensure granular control over data access, even down to individual rows. With Incorta, deliver insights to production managers with access controls inherited from your sources.

Access to granular data from manufacturing processes can reduce error rates, identify defects and optimize logistics, ensuring that firms are able to adapt to ever-changing trends.