High tech data analytics

Become a data-driven technology leader with lightning-fast queries, comprehensive integrations, and robust insights


The high tech industry evolves rapidly, rendering slow-moving competitors obsolete if they can’t innovate with the market leaders.

To keep pace, companies need access to big data analytics technologies that deliver insights, but without the heavy burden of traditional IT support and maintenance.

As organizations scale their operations, leaders need to move in real time, protect their bottom line and cut through the confusion of systems derived from rapid growth cycles and M&A activity.



Incorta for high tech analytics

Incorta integrates seamlessly with hundreds of business data sources ensuring that all your data is available for analysis, spanning cloud applications, databases and more.

Incorta delivers query results in seconds and eliminates hours of load time. Drill down from top-line insights into supporting data with a single click to drive diagnostic analytics.

Technology leaders don’t settle for static insights. Automate incremental data loads to handle fast-moving data and analyze operational complex data to discover insights in real time.

Retain established data security controls derived from application source systems to ensure your critical data is governed and protected down to individual rows for self-service access.

Ensure that your big data analytics technologies align with your business velocity by streamlining legacy approaches to data pipelines and unnecessary data transformation and movement.


Reimagine Near Real-Time Reporting

The Comcast team was tasked with transforming an overnight batch reporting to an agile pipeline that delivered data every 15 minutes.

“We saw up-to-date reports only a few days after beginning the deployment — not weeks or months like with other systems — and we could return new queries across billions of records in just seconds.”

Senior Engineering Manager