Agile data engineering

Eliminate legacy data pipelines and deliver high-performance data engineering for real-time analytics on raw operational data

  • 100%

    Data fidelity for end users

  • 5x

    More data refreshes per day

  • 0

    Cubes, aggregates or star schemas required


So-called “modern” data pipelines are often complex and inflexible. Data must be reshaped and aggregated before it’s ready for analysis, often resulting in a significant loss of data fidelity from upstream systems. This limits the quality and depth of insight available from analytics.

Traditional data engineering is also time-consuming, with legacy approaches taking weeks to design ETL and ELT pipelines that anticipate all possible user questions and exploration paths. This work must be defined ahead of time, making it difficult to adjust to evolving business requirements.



Benefits of agile data engineering

Accelerate time to insight with lightning-fast queries directly on raw operational data, and ensure access to the latest data with unmatched refresh speeds

Agile data engineering direct data mapping

Store data in open file formats for maximum agility. Connect with any data source and enable real-time analytics with users’ tools of choice

Eliminate the need to flatten, denormalize or aggregate data, enabling you to add new data sources in minutes and retain all usable data down to the transaction-level details


Make data easier to consume with business-level schemas that consolidate, describe and simplify complex sources. Enable users to create their own reports, visualizations and dashboards with easy-to-use tools that don’t require a training class to learn.


Easily build and deploy Data Apps optimized for your corporate systems to provide instant access to business-friendly data — no complex data pipelines required

Building data engineering dashboard

Maintain 100% data fidelity

Incorta simplifies ingestion, enrichment and curation for data pipelines, delivering 100% operational data for analysis and collaboration

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