Develop custom components for analytics applications

The Incorta Component SDK allows JavaScript developers to extend the Incorta visual framework with new custom components, including new visual elements.

Your imagination is the only limit! Easily create custom controls, stunning visualizations and specialized content.

What can you create?

Create completely new visual components, integrate with third-party APIs, wrap existing visualization libraries, or add custom controls that interact with the dashboard environment.

Developers leverage the leading open source JavaScript UI framework, React, to add new capabilities to analytics applications in a way that is both productive and familiar.

We’re building a community!

We are making it easy for developers to share and reuse components. The Incorta Marketplace lets you upload and publish components for reuse.

You decide when and how widely to publish your creations. Keep new components hidden for initial testing, restrict usage to just your own company, or open up access and show the world what you’ve created. Later, when component development is complete, the component can be uploaded to the Incorta Marketplace for further testing or publishing.

Component marketplace