Financial analytics

Realize data-driven decision-making across financial services with real-time insights into your operational data.

  • 100%

    Source data availability

  • 8x

    Faster data loading time

  • 92%

    Reduction in BI delivery times


Financial services leaders must be able to see clearly through large complex data challenges and gain speed and agility to innovate on products and services and outpace the competition.

In a technical landscape dominated by investments in cutting-edge services that sit alongside legacy data infrastructure, analytics teams and data decision-makers must unify their data sources for holistic analysis without creating technical debt in the form of hard-to-maintain data pipelines.

Incorta in Financial Services

With access to over 240 data sources, acquire the data you need from any application, database or interface. Billions of rows of complex data from multiple sources is instantly accessible and available for analytics.

Incorta’s financial data analytics platform is designed to return results on large business application queries in seconds, both within Incorta and via popular BI tools.

Don’t be caught out when business operations require immediate action as markets move. Incorta offers fast data refreshes to keep your analytics on top of any situation.

Modern data strategies must balance the needs of both data security and data democratization. Incorta delivers secure self-service analytics synchronized with the application source.

Deliver timely and accurate operational analytics from multiple data sources with a lightning-fast and highly flexible data pipeline that’s purpose-built for business agility.


Financial Analytics Solutions

Learn how Incorta modernizes legacy data architecture to support delivery of data for existing and emerging analytics use cases.

“We can save tons of money, tons of time, and are driving our evolution for our clients, in a much faster way.”

Victor Liu, Vice President, Risk Analytics