Modernize Oracle EBS analytics

Deliver high-performance operational analytics from your Oracle E-Business Suite platform without remodeling or reshaping your data.

  • 96+

    data refreshes from Oracle EBS every day

  • 1 sec

    queries on 700M records across 40 tables

  • 95%

    reduction in data load time from EBS


Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) does not provide a high-performance, quick-to-implement, low-maintenance analytics solution to support customers’ growing use cases with cross-functional and cross-entity business intelligence.

Many teams struggle with an unfortunate mix of legacy and emerging products, spread across cloud and on-premises applications. Businesses resort to using multiple tools and face challenges to generate even the most basic reports.

Incorta and Oracle EBS Analytics

Deploy Incorta against your Oracle E-Business Suite applications in days or weeks, not months, and without heavy IT support or costly data re-engineering.

Provide governed access to raw operational data and full historical data from Oracle EBS in an easy-to-use self-service platform that mirrors your source systems.

Ensure seamless reconciliation between key metrics and granular transactions with complete accuracy, because legacy data engineering (such as pre-summarization) is no longer required.

Incorta’s prepackaged Oracle connectors enable fast, easy analysis of the complex relational data common to Oracle EBS without additional data pipelines.

Incorta’s breakthrough Direct Data Mapping™ joins data from multiple tables with sub-second query performance without needing data reshaping, flattening or expensive data engineering.


Incorta through a customer’s eyes

Former Apple and Hewlett Packard product development leader Mohamed Dekhil, Ph.D. gives his perspective as an Incorta customer.

Fortune 50 media and tech
“Incorta gives us the ability to view our data in entirely new ways — to gain insights rather than sift through details.”

Director of Financial Applications