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The unified data analytics platform that provides everyone with the means to acquire, enrich, analyze, and act on business data with unmatched speed, simplicity, and insight.


Incorta Intelligent Ingest

The fastest way to transform, connect, and prepare data from multiple data sources for complex analytics.


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How to know your customer using data

With more customer data available than ever before, teams can finally identify critical trends quickly and make smart pivots for faster growth. Learn how to apply these strategies during COVID in this blog.

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Empowering Enterprises with Advanced Insights. Together.

Incorta’s vast community drives unparalleled outcomes.


Incorta partners with leading data platforms, cloud vendors, system integrators, independent software vendors, global consulting firms, data management and analytics experts to deliver the highest level of expertise possible. These dedicated collaborations ensure seamless experiences for leaders and business users alike.

Featured Partners

Partnering with the world’s greatest platforms, systems integrators and business consultancies to develop new business models that unlock inspiring analytics.

Find the best partnership from our global ecosystem of experts.

Platform & Technology Partners Enable Modern Data Estates

Integrating with the leading cloud platform and technology partners in order to deliver innovative solutions for our customer’s most pressing challenges.

Systems Integrators Empower Data Cultures and Innovation World-wide

Partnering with the world’s leading systems integrators to build best-of-bread solutions that holistically solve data challenges for the world’s top brands.

Business Consultancies Develop Creative Client Solutions

Investing in large and mid-sized consultancies with unique data practices to develop reliable solutions on existing technologies that improve performance and reduce the cost.

Incorta Partner Stories

We're only as good as the company we keep. Lucky for us, we're quite picky.

“In the current business environment, it is fundamentally important for organizations to empower its users with insights at unprecedented speed, giving them the competitive edge to stay ahead of the curve and be resilient. We envision this partnership with Incorta to contribute significantly towards the success of our clients, enabling faster delivery of data engineering and analytics capabilities while bringing this innovative technology in the forefront of CXOs globally.
- Gopikrishnan Konnanath, SVP and Global Head, Oracle Services, Infosys 


“Clients have been able to maintain and in some instances grow their revenues while identifying areas to significantly drive down costs. … we find the ROI and value realized by Incorta projects to be unparalleled thanks to the platform’s speed of implementation and long-term ability to evolve and integrate with existing technologies. We are committed to further investments in our relationship with Incorta and taking our strong partnership to new levels.”

- Lisa David, Managing Partner


“Our partnership with Incorta has helped our customers in their journey to transform into an Intelligent Enterprise. These solutions help in generating quick insights by analyzing complex business data in real-time. Through our partnership, we are enabling our customers to  gain rapid insights into their operations and empowering them to make faster and informed decisions.”

- Jayant Prabhu, Global Head and VP of Data, Analytics, and AI

Our Commitment

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An Agile and Innovative Solution to Expand and Stay Ahead

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Consistent Standards and World-class Partner Support

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A Shared Commitment to Successful Client Outcomes


"Incorta is a partner first organization. We believe partners are in the best position to understand both the needs and solutions that can truly impact their client’s business. Incorta’s commitment is to provide our partners with the knowledge, skills, and opportunity to grow their own services, in a limitless fashion; and, to enable their clients to make informed decisions and transform their business’ in a way never previously possible.“

Osama Elkady, Incorta Co-Founder & CTO

Ready to Partner?

Enroll in the Incorta Partner Program and provide your customers with the shortest path from data to insight . Incorta Partners are launching successful practices and expanding their customer engagements with the Direct Data Platform.