BigQuery and Incorta for Advanced Analytics

Seamlessly integrate your data sources, leverage the scalability and speed of BigQuery, and harness the intuitive self-service analytics of Incorta.


Joint Solution Benefits

Deploy prebuilt business schemas and analytic dashboard templates to help your organization jumpstart your data delivery journey

With Incorta, businesses can automate the ingestion and modeling of their data, to deliver business ready data in near real time to users in Google Cloud Storage or BigQuery.

Incorta’s smart query engine and scalable open-architecture standards optimizes data ingestion, management, and processing from hundreds of sources in a fraction of the time and costs of traditional data pipelines.

With Incorta, Google Cloud users can combine unlimited data sources with Incorta’s native in-memory analytics service to deliver lightning fast query performance across 100% of your enterprise data with BigQuery.

Unlike traditional source system charging based on consumptionand hidden fees; Incorta follows a fixed cost model, your organization will never be hit with surprise bills.

Incorta offers seamless drill-through from high-level metrics to detailed transactions without data reshaping or aggregation for critical root-cause analysis.