Sales and marketing analytics

Increase revenue with a unified analytics platform that enables your teams to analyze, adapt and drive engagement with an evolving customer base.

  • 240+

    data sources, including marketing and CRM systems

  • 75%

    lower TCO compared to legacy technology

  • <2

    hours to create and deploy net-new dashboards


Sales & Marketing teams are challenged, on the hour, to keep up with an age of disruption.

Managing complex technology stacks that operate in hybrid on-premises and cloud infrastructure, it’s incredibly difficult to bring data sources together to build a single source of truth without heavy involvement and ongoing support from IT. Without a unified view of sales pipelines or prospect conversion funnels, it becomes increasingly hard to drive new business or execute new campaigns.

Incorta for sales and marketing analytics

Use Incorta to unify marketing data for all your systems to keep pace with nurtured prospects and perpetual demand generation campaigns.

Acquire, analyze and drive action on data from customer data platforms (CDPs) with a complete view of the customer’s journey across all marketing and sales technology stacks.

Explore which marketing campaigns and messages generate the most qualified leads. Drill down from top-line KPIs to individual opportunities to explore conversion rates across buying cycles.

Measure and monitor pipeline KPIs, including drill-downs to sales cycle, conversion rates and velocity between sales stages and pipeline-to-forecast analysis.

Drive smarter behavior across sales cycles with KPIs such as average days to close and contract value by rep, team and region. Manage deals proactively with real-time data refreshes.


Unified Salesforce reporting

Watch the Incorta platform in action against with an end-to-end solution for sales and marketing teams.

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“There were two fundamental needs in our journey … speed and self-reliance. The application – easily configurable by non-technical resources – gave us control and accelerated the journey from data to insights.”

Prasad Varahabhatia, Head of Global Sales Compensation Administration