Salesforce Analytics with Incorta

Unleash high-performance, quick-to-implement analytics over all your Salesforce data without the IT overhead


Sales, marketing, finance and support teams often struggle to quickly pull together, analyze and gain insights from their Salesforce Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Customer 360 platforms.
Even with Tableau and Power BI in the mix, the complexity of the data sources can quickly overwhelm business users. And, accessing the data can be painfully slow, with new queries taking hours to design and execute and leaving data analysts frustrated at the slow response of their reporting platforms.

Salesforce CRM analytics

Oracle ERP Cloud and Incorta

Incorta provides a fast and cost-effective solution for a high-performance, quick-to-implement analytics platform for all Salesforce customers and their data.

Make better decisions faster with the availability of source-level data granularity, combined with all relevant history for a complete view of customer relationships in one platform.

Incorta’s data applications provide prebuilt interactive dashboards, reports and KPIs for tracking customer relationships in real time with high-performance exploration and drill-down.

Deliver executive-level dashboards and accessible real-time analytics content directly against raw operational data, without heavy IT involvement needed.

For Tableau users, Incorta injects pure performance into your analytic dashboards! Connect Tableau directly to Incorta and harness the power of real-time analytics without the wait.