Analytics for your Snowflake data

Snowflake and Incorta deliver a complementary solution for organizations that want to maximize value, break down silos and rapidly deliver insights.


As businesses put their data into Snowflake, their users are finding more and more ways to leverage that data, and their demands are growing.

However, analytics workloads on Snowflake rely on complex data engineering — a hidden ecosystem of tools and technologies that extract, load and transform the data from its original source into refined data products.

As more users begin to issue analytic queries, both usage costs and long-term support costs can quickly spiral out of control, necessitating limitations on end-user data exploration and curiosity.

Snowflake and Incorta analytics

The Incorta platform delivers query acceleration to analytics users needing high-performance drill-down into detailed and complex transactional data.

Incorta offers seamless drill-through from high-level metrics to detailed transactions without data reshaping or aggregation for critical root-cause analysis.

Simplify the delivery of raw operational data from source systems into refined business insights without the need for legacy ETL or ELT workflows, saving time and engineering costs.

Access all usable Snowflake data with true self-service analytics. Users can pull all of their data sources together and query them in real time without IT intervention.

Incorta offers an agile data and analytics experience for complex business application data, without cloud costs spiraling out of control.

“I’ve never been so productive or fast with analytics. Until Incorta, I never would have believed it was possible.”

Assistant VP of IT Software Dev & Chief App Architect