Retail data analytics

Master today’s complex retail customer journey and harness your customer data in retail and CPG with a modern unified self-service analytics platform.

  • 91%

    Reduction in retail stockouts

  • 10+

    Hours saved per week

  • 6

    Weeks from purchase to implementation


The digital transformation of modern retail and CPG suppliers has led to a virtual deluge of data from retailers, distributors, logistics partners and agencies that spans the entire customer journey.

Retail and CPG organizations need to quickly capture data across omnichannel operations, e-commerce and inventory control to develop 360-degree views of their audience and business partners for analysis to drive revenue growth.


Incorta and retail/CPG analytics

Incorta connects and unifies 240+ data sources into a single, scalable analytics platform, giving teams the ability to develop retail insights in real time for game-changing decisions.

Analyze billions of data points in seconds without waiting for legacy data pipelines. Access insights through collaborative dashboards in Incorta or your favorite BI tools.

Respond to changing business conditions with Incorta’s fast data refresh capabilities. Stay one step ahead with point-of-sale data available for real-time analysis throughout the day.

Build confidence in your analytics across billions of transactions, with instant drill down from critical KPIs all the way down to the lowest details with complete reconciliation.

Incorta delivers governed self-service analytics while protecting and securing sensitive retail and CPG data by inheriting row-level access controls from source applications.

“Incorta is a very powerful platform that can solve all of your reporting needs. Before, buyers and planners from my team spent hours every day running reports. Now, we can get that information in less than a second.”

Rachel McCutcheon, Director of Supply Chain Management and Procurement