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Incorta 5 sets a new standard for a one platform approach  to data and analytics. With our latest release, Incorta’s unified data and analytics platform enables fast, flexible, and intuitive analytics for business teams and technical experts at organizations of every size.


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The fastest path from complex data to the best intelligence possible. Incorta Cloud provides a modern and cost-efficient platform for data analytics, data science, and business intelligence.


Direct Data Mapping

Incorta Direct Data Mapping™ reduces query times by more than 10x without any transformations, reshaping, modeling, or data aggregating. 


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Direct Data Mapping

The first fundamentally new way to analyze business data in 20 years delivers unbelievable performance, lower costs and faster time-to-value



A Revolution in Data Analysis

You want the ability to explore your data world at the speed of thought, rapidly testing ideas and discovering new insights while eliminating frustrating waits.

Incorta delivers revolutionary speed, reducing query times in some cases from hours to seconds without transforming, reshaping or aggregating data. 

The secret is Incorta’s Direct Data Mapping engine which automatically analyzes the data and eliminates the need for data modeling, cubes, batch jobs, or optimization of any kind.

Other systems require data transformation, reshaping your transactional data into a new summary model to provide acceptable query performance. This is a big effort that asks you to pose questions weeks or months ahead of being able to see results. And it strips away the original detail and data relationships. If you think of a new question, it’s often back to the drawing board. This limits your ability to explore, iterate and innovate with data.

Incorta Direct Data Mapping is paired with an in-memory, columnar analytics engine that is fast, memory efficient, and easy to operate. Incorta does not need cost- and rule-based optimizers, and does not require any query tuning or query statistics maintenance for good analytics performance. This means easier operations and more consistent performance.

With an open SQL interface, Incorta doesn’t just make our own visualizations fast, our customers routinely use Incorta to make 3rd party tools like PowerBI and Tableau better and faster too.

Direct Data Mapping

Modern Analytics Technology for the Cloud Era

The data warehouse was developed over 30 years ago to bring all of an organization’s data together for analysis and decision-making. Since then, massive advances in computing and storage now instrument every detail of modern life and have brought us to the brink of autonomous business operations through AI.

Yet, with all these advances, we still build data warehouses that, even in the cloud, represent a lot of effort for only modest results. As the speed of business increases and the volume of data grows, the canonical structured data warehouse is no longer tenable. It doesn’t provide the flexibility, speed and simplicity to let companies be agile, and let people make decisions in real-time.

Incorta’s Direct Data Mapping™ is a game-changer. It is Incorta’s proprietary technology that pre-processes or “maps” incoming data such that it does not have to be transformed, reshaped, or aggregated to have blazing fast query performance. It virtually eliminates lengthy batch processing and avoids Lambda and other costly real-time schemes.

By eliminating the need for dimensional modeling, and providing integrated and easy to use data enrichment capabilities, Incorta customers stay current with business activities and can focus on adding value and innovating with their data.

The business value is immense. Direct Data Mapping’s unprecedented performance empowers non-technical business users to access a centralized data repository to analyze the data any way they want, on their own, without delay.

Direct Data Mapping Advantages


At least 10x faster than the closest competitors in querying data. Incorta truly delivers sub-second aggregations and filters across complex relationships, allowing analysts to slice/dice and summarize data through dashboards, at the speed of thought. More joins do not degrade performance.


Every data point loaded into the system is aware of how it relates to every other data point in the system. This eliminates the need for a data warehouse and associated star-schema development and relational queries.


DDM understands the join path(s) ahead of time. Incorta DDM replaces cost- and rule-based optimizers, and does not require any query tuning or query statistics maintenance for good analytics performance. This means easier operations and more consistent performance.


Incorta Analytics. No Modeling. No ETL. BI Reimagined.

Until now, analyzing large volumes of complex business data spanning ERP, cloud applications, and other business systems required the construction of a costly, time-consuming data warehouse. And the only way to normalize the data from these multiple sources, understand their relationships, and perform analytics at scale was via a star-schema or cube. 

Incorta Direct Data Mapping is the first real breakthrough in data analytics in 20 years. It cuts project implementation time from months to weeks, provides revolutionary query speed, and maintains a unified, single-source of truth for multiple workloads including business intelligence, analytics and machine learning.


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