Incorta analytics for JD Edwards

Modern, interactive and real-time operational analytics at your fingertips with Incorta’s JD Edwards integration


JD Edwards is hugely popular as an ERP platform that can be extended or customized to meet unique business needs. However, this flexibility means that downstream reporting and analytics must be customized as well, leading to higher development and maintenance costs.

These solutions can’t be prepackaged and often fail to deliver the performance or functionality that users require. As a result, many businesses resort to using multiple tools to generate even the most basic reports.

Incorta and JD Edwards

With Incorta’s cloud solution, teams can be up and running and working with all their JD Edwards operational data within hours, not weeks or months.

Ensure that high-priority analytics and reporting don’t affect the operating performance on your JD Edwards application.

With Incorta, fewer expensive IT resources are required to architect, build and maintain the data pipelines from JD Edwards into modern reporting and analytics environments.

Incorta greatly simplifies data security by inheriting and maintaining the security parameters of source applications during analysis, with full role-based user permissions.

Incorta allows fast, easy analysis of raw operational data from across enterprise ecosystems, bringing together diverse sources such as Salesforce, Oracle applications and many more.