Healthcare data analytics

Elevate your healthcare & life sciences outcomes with faster queries against your business applications using Incorta’s revolutionary analytics platform


Both IT and business leaders in healthcare & life sciences must respond quickly and lead with data-driven approaches to quality of care, operational efficiencies, business growth, regulatory reform and competitive stance in a crowded market.

Patient experiences and outcomes drive new business, with market pressure to optimize healthcare operations and control costs and expenditure. Organizations need a way to securely manage and analyze vast amounts of data from complex sources.

Incorta analytics for healthcare

Incorta for operational analytics

The Incorta platform connects to all of your data sources, allowing teams to analyze and drill down into operational data that matters the most.

Access to all your data (not just from a data warehouse) provides unparalleled competitive advantages such as hyper-personalization, dynamic pricing and improved end-to-end operations.

Don’t waste time modeling or reshaping your source data. Incorta optimizes across all possible relationships in your data, delivering unrivaled performance.

Healthcare operations can’t wait for overnight batch loads to finish. Incorta connects to sources with micro-batch incremental loads so that decisions are as fresh as the data itself.

Incorta mirrors security rules directly from source systems, including object, column and row-level restrictions and visibility, simplifying and reinforcing enterprise-wide data governance.