Introducing Incorta X

The only platform that brings cutting-edge AI and Machine Learning capabilities to your most complex organizational data, enabling breakthrough innovation and game-changing business outcomes.

Incorta’s unique ability to access and deliver transaction-level data with unmatched speed combined with powerful advanced analytics capabilities enables you to build and tune models with the intelligence of fine-grained data to deliver highly accurate, forward-looking answers and insights.​

Advanced AI/ML engine

Bring the benefit of AI to more people across the business with low-code/no-code and generative AI tools that reinvent workflows and increase productivity.

  • Automatically create new dashboards and visualizations with AI-assistant using natural language without the need to code or data modeling.
  • Generate data stories complete with analysis and commentary in minutes with a single-click.
  • Quickly surface anomalies and outliers for key performance indicators.
  • Centralize data for business users with Data Studio, a low-code, NLQ solution to increase data quality for analytics.
  • Run complex, concurrent query on transactional data from any front-end tool and on any source.
  • Deliver fully curated datasets at scale from multiple sources ready for business user consumption.

Global semantic layer

Operationalize data from complex ERPs, in-memory sources, business applications and data stores and deploy a reusable set of data products shared across functions for consistency, efficiency and faster time to value.

  • Run advanced models, blend and prep data to support Generative AI use cases and applications.
  • Create a single query to access data from memory, disk, Lakehouses and remote sources across the enterprise.
  • Query data from Incorta Delta tables, remotely query external Delta tables, and even virtually query data from any source without the need to move the data.
  • Maintain full governance over data integrity, access, availability and security.
  • Catalog data to organize metadata and maintain full data lineage.
  • Ensure a consistent data experience with data classification capabilities to prioritize sensitive data and ensure compliance.

Open Platform for AI Innovation

Easily integrate with your existing data and analytics tech stack, deploy in days and standardize on a platform built for AI innovation.

  • Built on an open Delta Table format to easily compliment and integrate with existing data from other sources such as MS One Lake and Databricks.
  • Refresh with the latest data in minutes and store the data in Parquet files.
  • Support for deletion, moving window and data sharing.
  • Speed up innovation with your data using the Incorta Marketplace, a full library of pre-built, out-of-the-box Data Applications, UI components and data connectors.
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“It used to take 12 weeks to get a report from request to production. Now, business users can do it on their own instantaneously.”

Ajit Oak, Head of Business Intelligence


400 to 70K

queries per day


faster speed to insights

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“Before Incorta my team spent hours every day running reports. Now, we can get that information in seconds.”

Rachel McCutcheon, Director of Supply Chain Management & Procurement



reduction in stockouts

<1 sec

to critical insights

Comcast user running a report faster than ever using Incorta
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“Users have the power to run existing reports significantly faster, which means we’re now working more efficiently than ever.”

Director of Financial Applications



data refreshes per day

1 day

to make complex changes

Redstone machine learning engineer using Incorta's self service analytics platform
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“Our ML team works with massive amounts of data. Incorta makes the process more autonomous and exponentially faster.”

Raj Prasad, Sr. Assistant VP for Data Science and Analytics



rows of Finserv data loaded in 43 secs

<1 sec

query response time

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Fortune 500 global coffee company
“Imagine looking at a year’s worth of data — that’s literally billions of records. Now we can provide those answers immediately.”

VP of Engineering & Quality Assurance



more dashboard refreshes


faster dashboard delivery

Keysight employee using Incorta's self service bi for a project
“We redeployed 13 of 15 BI resources to work on more innovative projects and reduced running time for complex 40-table reports to seconds.”

Bharath Natarajan, Head of Business Intelligence


<10 sec

to run month-end queries


reaction time improvement