Modern analytics for NetSuite

Empowering analysts to self-serve insights with seamless integration to NetSuite application data

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    faster analytics deployments with Incorta

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    prebuilt dashboards in the NetSuite Data App

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    to deliver a live real-time dashboard


Relying on NetSuite’s reporting to understand your business can lead to endless loops of outdated analysis that hold you back.

NetSuite lacks multi-dimensional analysis capabilities, doesn’t support more than four tables, and forces users to re-login or jump from one tool to another to do their jobs. NetSuite reporting only provides basic capabilities with limited data visualization, and the saved search feature often requires lengthy workarounds.

Modernizing NetSuite analytics

Incorta for operational analytics

With Incorta, NetSuite users now easily can analyze, drill down and develop meaningful insights from their entire NetSuite data set, with no filtering or aggregation required.

Activate all NetSuite data for real-time analytics and quickly blend NetSuite data with other operational sources to gain visibility across functional and application-based data silos.

Incorta empowers users to see results in minutes, compared to hours or days with other technologies. Analysts explore trends using agile analysis without needing advanced skills.

Deliver analytics with the power to look across NetSuite’s functional areas (and beyond) without the need for IT to develop and maintain complex data pipelines for each new request.

NetSuite’s standard analytics limit users to basic queries and static reports. Modernize your analytics with Incorta for rapid exploration and high-performance analytical power.


Incorta in action for NetSuite

See next-generation BI and analytics from Incorta in action against the NetSuite platform.

“The first data analytics platform that can actually keep up with the customizability and flexibility of NetSuite ERP.”

Former CIO at Nortek