Analytics Data Hub for Finance

An end-to-end self-service platform for real-time financial data analytics across all your financial and operational data

  • 100%

    data source availability

  • 8x

    faster load times

  • 92%

    reduction in BI wait times


Financial data lives in multiple ERPs, business applications, finance tools and spreadsheets, and must be manually stitched together for a complete view of the business.

Top-line KPIs limit the ability to freely explore transactional-level details critical in identifying trends, verifying the accuracy of metrics and performing root cause analysis.

Legacy data pipelines prevent immediate access to the latest data, delaying critical business decisions. Waiting weeks or months for new data is no longer an option.


Analytics Data Hub for Finance

Deliver timely and accurate financial analytics from multiple data sources with a lightning-fast and highly flexible data pipeline that’s purpose-built for business agility.


Quickly and easily join transactional data for analysis with prebuilt, customizable finance data applications for enterprise solutions that support multiple finance use cases.

Building data engineering dashboard

Extract more value from your financial tech stack and reduce operational expenditure with native integrations to easily add new and existing finance tools.

Incorta data sources

Maintain complete control over user access and data governance with row and column security as well as integration with identity management systems, eliminating the risk of managing security in multiple places.


A CFO’s perspective on analytics

Financial analytics require a costly data warehouse and highly specialized staff. There’s a better way, explains Jeff Epstein.

“Prior to Incorta, 90% of our time was being spent on ETL … Now that piece is gone, you can bring together as much data as you want, and millions of rows can be analyzed in minutes. That’s the real beauty of Incorta.”

Ashok Kumar, Senior Manager IT and Reporting

“Users have the power to run existing reports significantly faster than previously possible and the experience is much better, which means we’re now working more efficiently than ever.”

Director of Financial Applications

“We started using Incorta in one department, then expanded to finance and supply chain, and now the call to cash process.”



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