Supply chain data analytics

Quickly and confidently analyze all your supply chain data to reduce cycle times, lower costs and increase working capital

  • 91%

    reduction in stockouts

  • 2K+

    SKUs strategically repriced within 16 hours

  • 40%

    decrease in production costs


Supply chain teams deal with extremely complex operational environments. Tens of thousands of products or SKUs and millions of touch points in processes that span the C-suite, the distribution center and all the way to the factory floor.

Without a clear view across all the data, costs for inventory and order fulfillment can quickly spiral out of control. Constantly changing relationships with suppliers and manufacturers demand the latest data insights rather than yesterday’s reports.

Incorta for supply chain analytics

Accelerate your supply chain analysis with unified views of siloed data, delivering insights from KPIs down to transactional details with unmatched speed, simplicity and accuracy.

Improve inventory turnover, reduce stockouts and optimize inventory distribution to meet demand across sites with KPIs for on-hand inventory, safety stock and supplier performance.

Deploy real-time supply chain data analytics to monitor order fill rates and return volumes. Diagnose root cause issues for holds or cancellations that inhibit order performance.

Incorta’s prebuilt supply chain insights determine the root causes of unfavorable purchase price variance (PPV) and check inventory in real time for associated PPV costs or gains.

Optimize the supply chain planning cycle with real-time monitoring of inventory levels and production schedules, and manage the lifecycle of orders to avoid potential stockouts.


Detect, diagnose, direct

Detect supply chain challenges, diagnose root cause issues and take direct action with the Incorta analytics platform.

“Incorta is a powerful platform that can solve all of your reporting needs. Before, buyers and planners from my team spent hours every day running reports. Now, we can get that information in less than a second.”

Rachel McCutcheon, Director of Supply Chain Management and Procurement