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The fastest way to transform, connect, and prepare data from multiple data sources for complex analytics.


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Incorta Named for First Time in Magic Quadrant™

CEO Scott Jones shares insights on Incorta being named in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Analytics & BI Platforms. "The data warehousing paradigm can no longer keep up with the demands of today’s world."

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Incorta Named for First Time in Magic Quadrant™

Supply Chain Data Analytics

Address the most complex supply chain challenges with faster data access and analysis. Operate more efficiently and drive stronger outcomes with Incorta.

Supply Chain Data Analytics

Optimize Your Supply Chain

 Leverage all your complex data from all sources to create the most direct route from data to insight.

Optimize Supply Chain Analytics Data

Access. Analyze. Pivot. 

Incorta accelerates the way supply chain teams access critical data from disparate sources and enables the fastest drill down analysis of that data possible. Why is that important? Incorta’s Direct Data Platform™ delivers an end-to-end self-service data experience, giving everyone the means to acquire, enrich, analyze and act on their business data with unmatched speed, simplicity and accuracy. From C suite to distribution center or factory floor management, the most accurate and up to date analysis allows you to drive efficiencies, lower costs and gain a competitive advantage.

Inventory Cost Data Management Analysis

Inventory Cost Data Analysis 

Minimize inventory carrying costs

  • Increase product turnover by strategically reducing inventory levels and properly deploying in-demand inventory to the correct location
  • Determine how your inventory mix meets demand and how inventory value trends over time
  • Identify inventory turns, slow-moving items, and which item shortages drive backorders
  • Calculate the average days of supply per-item and per-category, and volume of excess and obsolete inventory


Order Fulfillment Data Analysis

Order Fulfillment Data Analysis

Optimize order fulfillment

  • Calculate and monitor the order fill rate, on-time performance rate, order return volume, and top problems causing order holds
  • Identify orders that need to be fulfilled within a certain timeframe and which factor(s) pose the highest risk to open orders
  • Identify which customers cancel the most orders and the reasons behind their cancellations
  • Determine the most frequent reasons for returns and the products returned the most
  • Identify the regions, business units, or accounts that consistently inhibit order performance


Material Spend Management Data Analysis

Material Spend Management Data Analysis

Proactively manage procurement’s material spend

  • Determine the root causes of unfavorable purchase price variance (PPV) and if inventory is carrying cost-consuming gains from favorable PPV
  • Identify which suppliers suffer from quality and delivery issues, and the outstanding payments due to them
  • Calculate the off-contract spend for the current quarter
  • Identify the top 10 products according to the indirect spend amount


Supply Chain Data Analysis

Supply Chain Data Analysis that Creates Stronger Agility

Optimize supply chain planning

  • Confidently set safety stock targets and inventory positions for items or categories
  • Avoid future stock outs by identifying and prioritizing items at risk of falling below safety stocks
  • Determine critical exceptions that exist, and the items and customer orders impacted by them
  • Identify purchase orders past-due more than seven days, and the suppliers and items/categories impacted by them
  • Understand and monitor inventory levels, production schedules, and orders for raw materials, works-in-progress, and finished goods
Tariff Reporting Analysis

Tariff Reporting Analytics

Proactively respond to fast-changing tariffs

  • Understand within only minutes the impact new tariffs will have across your entire business
  • Easily compare proposed tariff rates against Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) codes
  • Conduct “what-if” scenario analyses to model the impact of alternative approaches, such as absorbing tariff impacts, raising prices, or switching suppliers


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