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The unified data analytics platform that provides everyone with the means to acquire, enrich, analyze, and act on business data with unmatched speed, simplicity, and insight.


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The fastest way to transform, connect, and prepare data from multiple data sources for complex analytics.


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The Incorta Direct Data Platform™

The Incorta Direct Data Platform™ delivers an end-to-end self-service data experience, giving everyone the means to acquire, enrich, analyze and act on their business data with unmatched speed, simplicity and insight.



Incorta is a Different Kind of Data Analytics

For the data-curious who seek more agility and fewer barriers, more innovating and less waiting, more insights and less frustration, Incorta is the data analysis technology that delivers breathtaking performance without the cost, complexity and proprietary lock-in of other solutions.


What Makes the Incorta Data Analytics Platform Different?

Incorta stands apart from other data analytics platforms because Incorta doesn’t require that data be aggregated and reshaped to fit into the usual data warehouse mold. Incorta is able to analyze complex, full-fidelity business data in real-time.

The secret is Incorta’s Direct Data Mapping technology, which automatically analyzes incoming data, eliminates the need for most data engineering, and powers the breakthrough analytics performance that Incorta is known for.

This translates into much faster implementations, more actionable data, better security, and true end-to-end self-service.

We built the Incorta data analytics platform from the ground up to provide line-of-business users with a fast and simple way to acquire, enrich, analyze and act on business data from major enterprise applications.

The Biggest Change to Enterprise Data in over 20 Years

The Incorta Direct Data Platform blends concepts from modern data lake architectures, and in-memory columnar analytics databases into an end-to-end data and analytics platform that includes:


As Incorta loads data and metadata via one of its 240+ connectors, it builds an open data lake that can feed both analytics and data science use cases. Leveraging standard storage formats such as Parquet to provide both archival data durability and analytics performance without the risk of vendor lock-in, customers can choose between Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, and Microsoft Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 for best security, availability and low-cost.

The result is a single repository of data, and a single-source of truth for multiple workloads including business intelligence, analytics and machine learning. It also means incredibly fast performance whether you are exploring data for insights, or are developing solutions in Python, R or Scala inside of a Spark notebook.

From an infrastructure perspective, Incorta is supremely flexible. It can be run on-premises, hosted by your own cloud provider, or delivered as a fully-managed cloud service. The platform can run as a complete standalone data and analytics pipeline, or as a component within a larger analytics and BI technology portfolio.

Direct Data Acquisition

cloud-main-imgAs Incorta loads data, it creates a dataset that is actually smaller than the source data, as opposed to most dimensional modeling schemes which create a data set that is larger than the source data. This means efficient cluster data transfers, and fast data loads into memory.

  • Data Connectors — Easy to configure and connect to every database, enterprise application, data stream, and data file format. Can monitor and ingest data lakes. Extensible to any data source with our SDK. 
  • Parallel Data Loader — Spark executors over partitioned data sources.
  • Schema loading and Introspection — Each connector can interrogate the data source for column names, data types, null handling, cardinality, and relationships. 
    • Physical schema — A data catalog of physical structures that determines what data will be loaded from a data source. Schemas also include data relationships, filters and computed columns. 
  • Direct Data Mapping — preprocesses raw data to determine all potential query paths, enabling lighting fast queries on normalized (application) data models (contrast with dimensional, aggregated data models, cubes) meaning no data reshaping or transformations required before running analytics.   

Direct Data Analytics

While most other solutions just compress data on-disk and uncompress it as it is read into memory, Incorta maintains a columnar and compressed data organization both on-disk, and in-memory. This makes it possible to analyze 10x to 20x more data than would normally fit into available memory. However, Incorta is not memory-bound. Data is dynamically loaded from disc as needed, unless a data table has been specifically configured to always remain in memory.

  • Memory Optimized Analytics Engine In memory, on disk, remote/virtual; Data is brought into memory compressed meaning 10-20x memory efficiency. 
    • Breakthrough performance on raw, normalized data via Direct Data Mapping
  • Data Exploration and Publishing
    • Data Analyzer is a drag-and-drop, easy-to-learn data discovery and visualization tool that leverages the business semantics and boasts a wide variety of visualizations. 
    • Dashboards group visualizations, data tables and KPIs for data consumers. Users can personalize the data shown, apply filters and can click to drill into details. 
    • Native iOS application for mobile users. 
  • Data Catalog Incorta Business Schemas are aggregations of one or more physical schemas to represent business concepts and simplify the data model for business users. Can be created without code using the data Analyzer. 
  • SQL access into both the in-memory analytics engine and the on-disk data hub for 3rd party BI and analytics tools such as Tableau, PowerBI and others. 
  • Security User accounts, groups and roles; Role-based access controls; Encryption; Attribute-based dynamic row filtering; Single Sign-on (SSO); Auditing

"Smart" Data Lake

  • Data Lake architecture but with metadata, upsert capability, multi-version read consistency and 
  • Data Lineage Ability to discover source of computed or compound metrics and perform ‘where used’ analysis. Report on changed or missing objects. 
  • Open standards No vendor lock-in (Parquet, Spark, SQL, PySpark, Scala, R, Zeppelin)
  • Shared Storage Data and metadata is stored on elastic cloud services such as Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure Data Lake Services, and Google Storage.
  • Single source of truth — engineers, data analysts, data scientists, and business users all access and work against the same data

Incorta is for Everyone in Your Business

With its direct simplicity, ease of use and practical features, Incorta consistently delivers better business outcomes for data problems of all sizes, from department-level innovation to company-wide operational reporting.

The Incorta Direct Data Platform™ provides integrated user access to all components of the data pipeline — data connections, business semantics, security settings, scheduling and publishing — allowing lines-of-business to be more self-sufficient and more agile.

Incorta customers skip past costly and time-consuming data warehouse projects, and focus on delivering data, insights, and real business results.


Fast Time-to-Value

Since Incorta does not need pre-optimized data to achieve fast performance, data can be made available to users right away, without the need for dimensional models, cubes and lengthy BI projects. This shrinks implementation time in many cases from months to just days. The value to your organization is immense: individuals and teams can spin up experiments on the fly, testing and proving value incrementally, and scaling in stages rather than asking for large investments upfront.


Actionable Insights

Since detailed, granular business data is brought into the platform, and none of the data is thrown away, users can easily drill from summary aggregates to detailed records or line-item transactions. No special applications, or coding or pre-defined drill paths are necessary. This allows users to act on their data: seamlessly moving from high-level trends and insights to performing root cause analysis.


Security without Compromise

Fine-grained data enables fine-grained data security that can faithfully replicate the source system security, evaluating hierarchies and row / column level permissions at runtime. There is no longer a need for trade-offs between data fidelity, performance, privacy and controls.


True Self-Service

The promise of analytics self-service has been made for years. The problem was that ‘self-service’ only extended to the query tools. When business users needed more data, different processing or even different cuts or rollups, instead of ‘self-service’ it was ‘ask IT.’ Incorta enables business users across the whole data pipeline for true end-to-end self-service.

End the Wait. Unleash the Power of Your Data with Incorta Today.

Every day, Incorta customers routinely achieve what they previously thought impossible in record time. From closing the books in days to analyzing millions of transactions, Incorta unlocks the potential of data, and delivers business value that is nothing short of incredible.

Evaluating Incorta is easy. You can work with our team of experts to set up an Incorta Proof-of-Concept on-premises, or choose Incorta Cloud and be up and running on your own in minutes. 

We invite you to try Incorta on your toughest data problems. Bring together multiple complex data sources, even with millions of rows, and compare against your existing technology.

Over 90% of companies that try Incorta, never go back to their old analytics solutions.

Discover why the Incorta Direct Data Platform makes it easy to acquire, enrich, analyze and act on your business data with unmatched speed, simplicity and clarity. 

Get Started today, or learn more about: