SAP data analytics with Incorta

Agile analytics against core SAP ERP applications with unmatched speed, simplicity and data fidelity.

  • 80x

    faster dashboards than legacy tools

  • 8-12

    weeks saved for each new report delivered

  • 80%

    decrease in overheads and support staffing

SAP Analytics Challenges

Business decision-makers can no longer afford to settle for multi-year projects to drive insights against core SAP ERP applications. Complex, siloed data also hinders analytics, with users forced to run reports overnight or on weekends to avoid performance bottlenecks on their business applications.

Legacy SAP analytics tools require considerable maintenance and specialized skill sets, with limited access to queries, drill down or data filtering capabilities for nontechnical users.

Incorta accelerates SAP data analytics

Incorta and SAP data analytics

Incorta’s SAP analytics platform directly analyzes raw SAP data in memory — every transaction, in its original form — without needing data reshaping, flattening or advanced modeling and without compromising on security.

Drive business process analytics across production planning, sales & distribution or financial accounting with prebuilt content for procure-to-pay, order-to-cash and hire-to-retire.

Easily connect the SAP ERP application tier into the Incorta SAP analytics platform, with prebuilt dashboards, reports and KPIs designed specifically for SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) and S4.

Drill down, audit and deliver root cause analysis against transactional records directly sourced from SAP modules.

Incorta’s prepackaged connectors provide straightforward access to data within SAP, delivering direct SQL queries and acting as a bridge to streamline operational analytics across multiple applications.

“Before Incorta, my team spent hours every day running reports. Now, we can get that information in less than a second.”

Rachel McCutcheon, Director of Supply Chain Management and Procurement