Smart Lakehouse Technology

A Hybrid Solution for Modern Data Challenges

Self Service Analytics

Pitfalls of traditional warehouses

What is a smart lakehouse?

Enterprises are increasingly demanding smart data lakehouse platforms for scalability, flexibility and extensibility for their analytics – addressing limitations in modern data stack and data warehouse technology. 

The modern data lakehouse technology combines the best features of cloud-based data lakes and data warehouses to unlock data, enabling and extending real time operational analytics on large, high-value data sets from across the enterprise.

The architecture

  • A smart lakehouse understands source systems without the need for complex or convoluted data processing pipelines. It allows a deep dive from high-level metrics down to the lowest level of detail in the transactions in order to diagnose issues or feed into machine learning models. 
  • It delivers data, analytics and more into cloud-based environments such as Azure Synapse Analytics, Google BigQuery as well as vertical or departmental SaaS solutions such as OneStream or BlackLine. 
  • With delta sharing, a smart lakehouse can ensure that data is available for an ever-growing range of data processing and analytic workloads, delivered to the right destination at the right time.
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“It used to take 8 to 12 weeks to get a report from request to production. With Incorta, business users can do that on their own instantaneously.”

Ajit Oak, Head of Business Intelligence


400 to 70K

queries per day


faster speed to insights

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“Before Incorta my team spent hours every day running reports. Now, we can get that information in seconds.”

Rachel McCutcheon, Director of Supply Chain Management & Procurement



reduction in stockouts

<1 sec

to critical insights

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“Users have the power to run existing reports significantly faster, which means we’re now working more efficiently than ever.”

Director of Financial Applications



data refreshes per day

1 day

to make complex changes

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“Our ML team works with massive amounts of data. Incorta makes the process more autonomous and exponentially faster.”

Raj Prasad, Sr. Assistant VP for Data Science and Analytics



rows finserv data loaded in 43 secs

<1 sec

query response time

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“Imagine looking at a year’s worth of data — that’s literally billions of records. Now we can provide those answers immediately.”

Jay Singh, VP of Engineering & Quality Assurance



more dashboard refreshes


faster dashboard delivery

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“We redeployed 13 of 15 BI support resources to work on more innovative projects and reduced complex 40-table reports running time to seconds.”

Bharath Natarajan, Head of Business Intelligence


<10 sec

to run month-end queries


reaction time improvement