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BI data insights help Shutterfly

Incorta powers rapid queries of complex inventory data in seamless integration with Oracle EBS

  • 91%

    reduction in stockouts

  • 10+

    hours saved per week

  • 11,000

    employee hours saved yearly


Inaccessible data creates inventory issues

Before Incorta, the supply chain management and procurement team spent hours manually compiling inventory data to figure out what part numbers needed their attention. And they usually didn’t realize there was a problem until it became urgent — for example when an item was out of stock. This not only created issues for Shutterfly’s customers, it also meant buyers and planners were constantly putting out fires instead of preventing them. Lack of access to accurate inventory data also led to E&O expenses, with unnecessary stock costing the company money and space. The data lag and lack of visibility caused problems for Shutterfly’s leadership, too, with rigid legacy reports hindering any real understanding of how the organization was keeping up.


Adding value to Oracle EBS with a real-time analytics platform

In just six weeks, Shutterfly was able to insert streamlined exception management workflows into its supply chain management processes to reduce stockouts and E&O expenses. Now, dashboards displaying EBS data direct buyers and planners to the highest-priority tasks, guiding them through their day. One key metric Incorta helped Shutterfly develop is “Days on Hand,” which allows buyers to prioritize parts and avoid stockouts, keeping their customers happy. Procurement teams can now run lightning-speed queries and get instant answers — which means they’re able to ask the right questions, and address needs as they arise. By putting vital information right in front of Shutterfly’s procurement team, it also adds value to Shutterfly’s Oracle investment. The company also plans to integrate Incorta with its data warehouse to help manage its external manufacturing network.

Accelerate access to insights

6 weeks from purchase to implementation and seamless integration with Oracle EBS, including inserting streamlines exception management workflows.

< 1 second to access accurate, up-to-date inventory insights via a vast pool of complex Oracle EBS data, analyzed by Incorta.

10+ hours per week saved for the team of buyers and planners who no longer need to manually run and compile multiple reports to understand their inventory needs.

Oracle ERP Cloud and Incorta

Supply chain optimization

50% reduction in stockout due to Incorta’s metrics-driven dashboards directing Shutterfly’s procurement team to priority parts and needs.

E&O expense reduction due to improved supply chain planning processes, visibility and understanding.

Streamlines processes, including automated exception management workflows, enabling a proactive approach to maintaining optimal inventory levels.