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Redstone Federal Credit Union case study

Incorta powers fast, flexible and autonomous data science at Redstone Federal Credit Union


Fast deployment — and even faster data integration

Redstone deployed Incorta in just a matter of days and then pulled in 13 million records from its Fiserv core banking system in a mere 43 seconds

Freedom to innovate with data

Redstone’s data science team can move faster and innovate more freely with data because they no longer have to rely on the IT team

Accelerated query response times

Queries return results in sub-second response times — even highly complex queries sourcing data from multiple internal and externa


Fragmented data was holding back BI and data science

Redstone Federal Credit Union wanted to leverage data to gain more visibility and control over banking operations, and ultimately deliver more value to its members. But fragmented data spread across a patchwork of systems and applications prevented the credit union from making the headway it desired.


A fast, flexible unified data and analytics platform

Incorta is the “data hub” for Redstone’s data science team, which leads the credit union’s machine learning efforts. With Incorta, data scientists can independently organize and join complex data, build schemas and create new dashboards — all without burdening IT.

Fast, agile and autonomous data science

Using the Incorta-powered data hub, Redstone’s data scientists are building smarter predictive models and providing more timely, relevant and useful data insights to teams across the organization — all without needing to burden IT.

Cross-team collaboration

Incorta’s unified data and analytics platform brings everyone together on the same platform, making it easier for data scientists to partner with subject matter experts when investigating business questions and anomalies, such as spiking credit default rates in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Clearer answers to complex questions

When users no longer have to predefine the scope of analytical inquiries, they are empowered to uncover new and unexpected insights to complex questions. For example: Why are particular credit cards inactive? Why was there a spike in fraud last month?