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Unlocking data-driven innovation: Incorta’s journey with Google in Qatar

Driving innovation with Google Cloud’s Qatar data center and Incorta.

As a trusted partner committed to solving the challenges of complex data from intricate ERP systems and business applications to BigQuery, we’re thrilled with the opening of Google’s data center in Qatar 

Enterprises throughout the Middle East are opting for Google Cloud as their preferred cloud platform, enabling them to accelerate application development, provide exceptional user experiences, and undertake transformative business initiatives, all hosted on a sustainable and scalable cloud infrastructure.  

With the launch of the Doha region, organizations will now have access to three zones, enabling the distribution of services, applications and storage to enhance resilience against service disruptions. Additionally, a comprehensive suite of Google Cloud products will be available, including Compute Engine, Cloud Run, Cloud SQL, Google Kubernetes Engine, and Spanner, among others, empowering businesses to leverage cutting-edge tools for their digital transformation journey. 

Incorta’s open data delivery platform empowers organizations to access multisource data at scale from complex ERPs such as Oracle, SAP and Netsuite, business applications such as Salesforce and disparate data sources, making it instantly available for analysis or consumption by downstream systems. The availability of trusted data is one of the most critical elements of an agile data strategy since the business can only move them at the speed of its data pipelines. By simplifying data delivery and eliminating data loss, Incorta ensures that 100% of the data is immediately accessible in Google BigQuery. This results in a remarkable 95% reduction in time and cost spent on data delivery.

At Incorta, we offer a transformative platform that empowers businesses to revolutionize their data analysis, this helps organizations like Broadcom, Comcast and Shutterfly to solve their most complex data challenges and deliver fresh data to their teams which enables them to monitor financial and operational performance. 

As a Google partner, we’re excited to help organizations in Qatar to build the future of their data analytics by simplifying the access to this data and expediting data delivery from their Oracle applications to Google Cortex and Big Query to accelerate innovation.  

With a powerful integration with GCP, Incorta’s data application offers an out-of-the-box solution by automating the ingestion of raw data from source systems, then modeling and storing it through a series of delta tables. 

Storing data on BigQuery via Incorta offers the advantage of rapidly delivering highly intricate data from source systems and business applications within hours, rather than days, weeks or months. This process accelerates data delivery, keeping information updated for immediate access and providing efficient, open integration with Google BigQuery and the Cortex framework. For data teams looking to innovate more accurate, reliable AI and machine learning models, Incorta and Google bring the best of breed for data and computing, the two main ingredients driving AI innovation.  

About Incorta: 

Incorta’s open data delivery platform simplifies access to data from multiple, complex enterprise systems to unlock the full value of organizational data, making it readily available for analysis. Backed by GV, Kleiner Perkins, M12, Prysm Capital, Telstra Ventures, and Sorenson Capital, Incorta empowers the most forward-thinking companies to tackle their toughest data challenges, from innovators in the midmarket to Fortune 1000 category leaders such as Broadcom, Comcast, and Shutterfly. 

Schedule a demo with us to learn in action how you can use the Google Cloud Cortex Framework and Incorta to: 

  • Access all your complex Oracle ERP and multi-source data 
  • Jumpstart your journey with pre-built data applications 
  • Implement CDC logic to build performant load plans for BigQuery 
  • Quickly deliver this data to BigQuery to generate insights at scale 

Join our coming virtual hands-on lab to watch our instructor-led lab to learn how Google BigQuery and Incorta’s joint solution offers unrivaled access to data from complex source systems and the power, flexibility and scale of Google’s Cortex framework to transform data access, consumption and innovation.