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Incorta and Google team up to simplify data delivery and drive AI innovation

Technology is often a first consideration for improving business agility and operational efficiency. The impressive and promising possibilities put on by artificial intelligence applications will revolutionize how businesses will connect with insights to quickly respond to customer needs, discover competitive advantages, pinpoint cost savings, better utilize resources, and increase profitability.  

Incorta and Google recently announced their partnership’s latest offering to simplify data acquisition and delivery from complex ERP systems and business applications to BigQuery and the Google Cortex Framework. The joint solution eliminates barriers to accessing organizational data at scale and provides the foundational components to take advantage of an AI-driven future for analytics.  

Data delivery without complexity:

Every organization strives to deliver the latest business data to its stakeholders and for good reason. How quickly and effectively you respond to customer demands, adjust to changing business conditions, and react to unforeseen events is a significant competitive advantage. It is for the same reason that businesses have invested in a range of solutions from platforms, data sources, applications, and processes as part of their data management strategy to reach this elusive yet highly desired outcome.  

An often-unintended consequence of enterprise data strategy is the growing complexity and unmitigated risks introduced into expanding data ecosystem over time. The amalgamation of too many steps, touches, platforms, processes, and data engineering needed to get data from source to its intended consumer has organizations spending too much time and money managing their data ecosystem with mediocre results.  

Incorta’s open data delivery platform is the superhighway for delivering complex data from ERP systems without delays, bottlenecks, or partial data. Purpose-built to connect and ingest data from hundreds of source systems without traditional ETL, it eliminates the need for deconstructing, transforming and aggregating data. Instead, 100% of data is delivered over ultrafast data pipelines in its normal form (3NF) to virtually any data destination. Data teams can also easily combine and blend datasets from different sources since relationships between tables and schemas are automatically indexed with Incorta’s Direct Data MappingÔ technology.  

Automating and simplifying the delivery of rich, multisource data from sources such as Oracle, Salesforce or Workday eliminates the need to maintain fragile data pipelines or run time-consuming transformations, saving significant data engineering and maintenance costs. Data teams also avoid data latency and data loss, delivering the latest data to BigQuery and the powerful building blocks of the Cortex Framework to meet the increasing demand for immediate access to usable, analytics-ready data. 

A launchpad for innovation:

Cortex provides the foundational technology for uncovering new opportunities with your organization’s data across platforms, data sources, and applications while simultaneously reducing the risk, complexity, and costs. The open data integration with Incorta brings complete operational visibility to all your data, and a modern set of tools for driving opportunity through innovation and lays the groundwork for efficiency with advanced analytics.  

The Google Cortex Framework accelerates the launch of new AI and BI projects, so organizations can quickly deploy and realize immediate business value. With packaged content, sample analytics dashboards, reference architectures, and data processing templates, the Cortex Data Foundation shrinks deployment and development cycles, saving valuable resources and speeding up time to value. Business teams can leverage Looker to connect with insights, perform deep analysis on detailed multisource data for decision support and interact using Natural Language Processing (NLP).  

Data teams benefit from fully managed ML tools such as Vertex AI to build and deploy machine learning (ML) models at scale. With access to transaction-level data, they can increase the precision of machine learning models and innovate with generative AI capabilities to bring contextually aware insights, proactive recommendations, and predictive analytics.  

Analytical accelerators that combine insights with machine learning, along with application layer integrations enhance functionality and customization through scalable APIs, further extending the value of Cortex and Incorta to individual use cases for sales, marketing, finance, manufacturing and supply chain. 

Start your analytics journey with Google and Incorta:

As your organization looks for new, creative ways to improve business efficiency, optimizing your data and analytics ecosystem with solutions that reduce operational friction, increase automation and deliver the tools needed to innovate with data, generative AI and advanced analytics will become a competitive advantage. Learn more about how you can extract more value and drive innovation with your data with Google and Incorta.  

For a deeper dive into this solution, watch our on-demand webinar: Unraveling Oracle’s complexity: Google BigQuery and Incorta as the dynamic duo of data delivery.