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The ultimate win-win: 90% reduction in stockouts and million-dollar savings

Create efficiencies with your inventory management processes with Incorta’s drill-through technology for data-driven decision-making.

Inventory management is a critical aspect of many organizations across industries and inefficiencies in managing inventory can lead to financial losses, operational disruptions, and customer dissatisfaction. Real-time, advanced analytics have become vital in the modern business landscape to address these challenges effectively. 

Inefficient inventory management often stems from a lack of easy access to real-time data. This challenge in accessing up-to-date information can cause: 

  • Poor demand forecasting: Without real-time data, predicting demand accurately becomes challenging, leading to overstock or stockout situations. 
  • Inaccurate stock levels: Manual tracking and outdated data can result in incorrect stock level assessments, affecting order fulfillment and customer satisfaction.
  • Operational delays: Slow access to inventory data and reports can hinder decision-making and operational efficiency, increasing costs and lead times. 
  • Resource inefficiency: Without proper data, companies may hoard excess inventory, wasting valuable resources and storage space.

Incorta’s manufacturing solution offers a transformative approach to inventory management by giving professionals a transaction-level view of their inventory from any location or device, allowing supply chain, manufacturing and sales teams to collaborate effectively.

Incorta’s open data delivery platform consolidates data from multiple ERPs and source systems into a single platform skipping many of the traditional steps to get data to data consumers at incomparable speeds for trusted decision-making. Using Incorta as the single source of data truth, organizations like Quanta Services, Inc. save millions by eliminating archaic systems from their tech stack. 

Enhanced demand forecasting, supported by transaction-level detail, results in significant reductions in inventory carrying costs and minimizes stockouts by up to 90%. With Incorta users can drill through their data to access granular insights on individual inventory systems, supporting real-time decision-making on every level of the supply chain. In under 6 weeks, Shutterfly was able to insert streamlined exception management workflows into its supply chain management processes to reduce stockouts and E&O expenses. Shutterfly’s newfound visibility into their data and ability to run lightning-speed queries for instant answers allows them to ask the right questions, and address needs as they arise.

Whether you’re a production manager, finance team member, supply chain expert, or inventory specialist, Incorta’s solution can revolutionize your inventory management processes and drive manufacturing excellence, increasing revenue, margins, and company value. 


Embrace the future of inventory management with Incorta and experience the transformation firsthand. Learn more about Incorta’s solution for manufacturing and schedule a demo to talk to our experts about how we can revolutionize your inventory management strategy.