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Take control of your data: 90 ERPs, 40 operating units, 200 applications and 90 payroll systems

Quanta Services revolutionized operational and financial reporting at scale and for low cost with Incorta.

For Kurt Witt, Director of Data Management Services at Quanta Services, a scalable, easy-to-use data delivery platform is the key to continued success at their organization.

Quanta Services Inc., a leading specialty contractor with the largest skilled labor force in North America, provides fully integrated infrastructure solutions for the utility, energy, and communications industries. Quanta’s complex operations are comprised of over 47,000 employees, 229 operating units and a massive equipment fleet of 50,000 and 25,000 of these on the road.

Operating on a hub-and-spoke model, they needed a solution that could consolidate data, provide visibility, and enable secure sharing across their operating companies. Experiencing rapid growth through M&A (3 acquisitions in 2023 alone), Quanta was looking to continue expansion efforts while accessing a more detailed view of their operations that Hyperion and JDEdwards were not able to provide. Extracting data proved to be a clunky process for Quanta’s data teams, slowing time to insights through PowerBI, Tableau, and Excel and proving burdensome to analysts.

To leaders at Quanta, taking control of their data included three major initiatives:

  • Improving transparency in fleet telematics
  • Enhancing human capital management
  • Accelerating finance transformation

A large undertaking, the executive team knew there were aspects of the project and technology that were necessary – the technology needed to allow the individual operating companies to run autonomously with one main point of control. After evaluating different platforms, Quanta found that Incorta was a natural fit due to its complete end-to-end platform offering integration, data management, and visualization capabilities. Incorta’s native multi-tenant feature aligned with Quanta’s need for decentralized access to data from 90 different ERPs while allowing for centralized control and governance, all while proving easy to use for all user types.

Incorta serves as Quanta’s analytics hub, enabling Quanta to use the platform as the sole source of data truth for their many operating units. Having one source for all their data created confidence in their analytics and reporting. The ability to drill through in the Incorta Platform to access every individual truck on the road provided data teams granular insights for product reporting and truck maintenance but also the level of information provides the people management team visibility into their drivers’ safety.

By implementing Incorta, Quanta has been able to combine data in a way that had never been done before and develop insights with enhanced visualization and reporting. Incorta’s platform allowed them to ingest and process data at incomparable speeds, provide easy-to-view analytics and dashboards and share information securely with all of their 40 operating units. Quanta was able to eliminate other technology they used for modeling and viewing data. This consolidation of technology resulted in significant cost savings for Quanta at over $1 million in a year.

Moving forward, the relationship between Incorta and Quanta is focused on expanding the use of the platform across business units to bring additional value and integrate those groups’ data from various areas of the organization. The expansion will include the introduction of OneStream, through the Incorta hub, continuing to phase out archaic processes in the architecture and improving cost savings.

Watch Kurt’s full presentation on Quanta’s customer story to hear firsthand the impact he was able to make in implementing Incorta. Want to see the platform in action? Sign up for one of our upcoming live demos.