BI data insights help GC Services

Incorta bypasses traditional data models to deliver analytics reporting and business insights in seconds

  • +450M

    rows of data analyzed in 2 min

  • 90%

    reduction in required ETL


Outdated models stood in the way of actionable insights

With 30 offices around the US, GC Services had a wealth of data they wanted to mine for insights into client and internal staffing needs. Their first attempt at BI had followed the traditional data warehousing path — and failed miserably. The company needed an analytics solution that didn’t require extensive data transformation, performed well on even the largest table joins, and could access and combine SQL Server, Microsoft Excel and text files. It also needed to be able to quickly aggregate data with near real-time updates, and be easily accessible so even non-technical users could drill down at multiple levels.


Direct data access for fast, easy insights

Within three days, GC Services had set up Incorta on its Cloud Azure instance, loaded and analyzed millions of rows of data, and created the necessary dashboards. Teams could run performance reports in less than a second — no transformations or data modeling required. Leaders and managers can understand and optimize key metrics, which lets them staff call centers for maximum productivity. Incorta also enables the company to quickly customize business views so they can give their clients access to the same data sources labeled with familiar terms, formulas and grammar. This makes it easy for client users to understand the data, and arrive at their own data insights.

Powerful insights, unmatched speed

More than 20 tables and 450 million rows of data from three complex data sources, including SQL, are loaded and analyzed in under 2 minutes.

Dashboard refreshes every 15 minutes to ensure that data is always up to date, giving users access to near real-time data around the clock.

Less than 1 second response time is routinely achieved on even the most complex queries, even ones created by non-technical users — no IT intervention is needed.

Optimization for maximum cost savings and productivity

No more overstaffing thanks to key metrics that help managers understand how many calls reach the right person each day. This allows them to plan and manage resources appropriately.

Quick identification and fixing data quality issues to keep call centers running smoothly, maximizing productivity on the floor, and optimizing outcomes for clients and their customers.

Widespread adoption was achieved through Incorta’s ease of use and customizable dashboards, compared to zero percent adoption after six months with Microsoft Power View.