Modernizing Oracle business intelligence

Eliminate complex, time-consuming data transformation and modeling to deliver real-time insights into your Oracle ERP data.

  • 100%

    data fidelity for end users

  • 96+

    data refreshes per day

  • 0

    cubes, aggregates or star schemas required


Oracle BI tools are dependent on traditional data architectures with rigid, inflexible data pipelines that fail to deliver the agility needed by modern businesses.

Data modeling is time-consuming especially for larger-volume complex applications such as Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) where performance suffers.

Legacy Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) is reaching end-of-life and updating existing reports is a resource-intensive process for highly specialized staff that delays delivery of insights.

Incorta for Oracle BI modernization

Simplify data acquisition from Oracle applications and easily join with other business applications data and make 100% of data available to business users.

Run analytics directly on raw business application data that is 100% identical to the source, even with multiple source systems and large data sets.

Eliminate unnecessary ETL processes and deliver the latest data with rapid, incremental refreshes using a memory-optimized analytics engine for unparalleled query performance.

Connect to 240+ sources and all your Oracle application data in its original form, making insights immediately available to business users without complex data modeling.

Create a single, unified view of data for the organization while maintaining complete control over data governance, lineage and application-level access to raw operational data.


Modernize your operational reporting

Learn how Keysight Technologies was able to accelerate reports with 40+ joins across tables with hundreds of millions of records.

“Prior to Incorta, 90% of our time was being spent on ETL. There was no time for reporting, just the modeling itself.”

Ashok Kumar, Sr. Manager IT & Reporting

“With Incorta, we have the ability to show across other organizations how quickly they can deliver actionable insights.”

Chris Bergren, Sr. Finance Systems Manager

Fortune 500 global coffee company
“The goal wasn’t to replace something — it was all about getting immediate business value where we were struggling.”

VP, Engineering & Quality Assurance