Flexible integration helps Forterra

With Incorta, Forterra freed its finance department from slow reporting and complicated IT

  • 15 days

    to replace entire BI toolset


Slow ETL processes and massive dependence on IT for reports

Forterra knew that their finance department was being handicapped by its dependence on IT to pull even the simplest reports. Not only that, but the time it took their IT department to extract, transform and load data from Oracle EBS and other systems could mean weeks — or, even months — of waiting to act on this data, creating massive inefficiencies for their teams. Their existing BI and reporting tools: Sisense, Cognos and SAP Business Objects, were also providing hundreds of reports across 30 financial dashboards, making it extremely difficult to simplify, clarify or consolidate critical data across sources.


A modern data analytics platform with agility and power

What can take weeks or months in other solutions can be accomplished in minutes with Incorta. Incorta is the only data analytics platform that provides true self-service access to data across the technology spectrum. It maintains all data details and relationships for full fidelity reporting, maintains native security, and provides actionable insights in real time.

Our platform’s ability to load data (from anywhere) and unify it without any need for complex modeling or transformations helps Oracle EBS customers move faster than ever before. This gives business leaders more flexibility, agility and confidence to make quick decisions needed for faster growth and profitability.

Increased agility and productivity

Millions upon millions of rows of data are analyzed in minutes, giving them access to the fresh, reliable data they need to take action exactly when and where it matters.

Incorta and SAP data analytics

360° visibility for stronger reporting

20 Incorta users in Forterra’s finance department, a direct result of the platform’s simple user interface and uncomplicated controls, which gives non-IT personnel the freedom to generate their own reporting and access key insights with ease.

Overall business success

$70,000 saved by sunsetting an existing BI tool and replacing it with Incorta, with additional plans to sunset more tools over the next 6 months, a direct result of Incorta’s ability to be an all-in-one solution for reporting, analyzing and data management needs.

Three weeks is all it took for one part-time employee to transfer all data from an existing solution to Incorta for a full replacement of their BI system toolset.

100+ hours saved in BI wait times, a direct result of improved visibility and increased agility delivered by Incorta’s real-time analytics, accelerated reporting and instant insights.