Fortune 5 company accelerates complex reporting

Incorta integrates and analyzes data from multiple systems for secure, accurate reporting in seconds

  • 80x

    faster delivery than previous dashboard


Complex, disparate data hinders reporting and slows down critical systems

With data created by and stored in various systems across the organization, this Fortune 5 company was relying on static, homegrown reports that took hours to run. To avoid slowing down critical applications, users were forced to run reports overnight or on weekends. And building new reports using the company’s legacy reporting tools, including SAP Business Objects and Informatica, took 8-12 weeks. These tools only delivered static, graphical reports at specific times to specific people. And they required considerable maintenance and special skill sets, with no access to queries, drill down or data filtering capabilities for non-technical users.


An innovative solution to bring together data from all internal applications

Within days, Incorta integrated with the company’s MongoDB database and existing applications, making it easy to add new data sources and update schemas as needed. Granular security lets the company control who can see sensitive data, with support for single sign-on (SSO) and data encryption both at rest and in transit. Users can filter data on any dimension, and easily share reports on mobile devices. Incorta reduced development and testing time for new reports, drove widespread adoption, and sparked richer conversations around business data all the way up to senior management.

Faster insights, greater agility

2 days from the start of implementation to delivery of accurate, up-to-date reporting for finance, payroll, training, HR and customer service.

14 additional projects launched in the first 24 months without hiring new team members, recouping previous analytics budgets.

96 dashboard refreshes per day ensure data is always up to date — compared to only being able to do one daily refresh before Incorta.

Oracle ERP Cloud and Incorta

Streamlined processes boost productivity

From 10 to 2 people running the entire system, driving considerable expense reduction. Previously, this required a whole team of developers, plus quality assurance engineers.

8-12 weeks saved for each new report and dashboard users can now build and test themselves in less than one week (even for complex queries).

Hundreds of hours saved running reports at night and over weekends that users can now generate in minutes or even seconds.

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