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It’s Faster than Ever to Power Azure Synapse Analytics with Direct Data Mapping

Great partnerships can change the course of history. This simple yet powerful truth sits at the very heart of our work in collaboration with Microsoft Azure in recent years – and the team’s commitment to its ecosystem partners was on full display when Erin Chapple, Corporate Vice President of Azure Core, and Rohan Kumar, Corporate VP of Azure Data, took the stage at Microsoft Inspire 2021 today.

During the keynote, Microsoft launched Synapse Studio – a new partner center for quickly discovering and testing key solution partners that extend the capabilities of Azure Synapse Analytics.Kumar2 

Incorta is one of three early and integral partners in this project, helping Azure Synapse Analytics deliver on its promise as a ​limitless cloud data warehouse with unmatched time-to-insight​. More specifically, the spotlight is on our Intelligent Ingest offering – the fastest way to connect and synchronize data between your Oracle applications and Azure Data Lake in a matter of clicks.

This is big news for Microsoft Azure customers:

With Incorta Intelligent Ingest, powering your Synapse Analytics environment with Direct Data Mapping (DDM) is faster and easier than ever before.

Powered by Direct Data Mapping, Incorta Intelligent Ingest cuts implementation time by as much as 85% by allowing customers to skip the brutal work of data modeling and transformation imposed by traditional ETL/ELT processes. It does this by rapidly ingesting complex, siloed data from enterprise applications like Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle ERP Cloud, Oracle Netsuite, Oracle JD Edwards (as well as others like Salesforce and ServiceNow) and leveraging DDM to automatically turn raw tables into analytics-ready data in a matter of hours – not months or years.


Put another way, Incorta makes Synapse the indisputable EDW choice in a complete solution by providing a way to go from POC to full production in only a couple of weeks versus the traditional way, which can take 12 to 24 months. It also gives companies with critical business data trapped inside Oracle (i.e. practically everyone) a fast and easy way to make that data available for analytics and start joining it with data from other sources. 

Today’s announcement is another huge step forward in our partnership with Microsoft. For everyone here at Incorta, being a part of the remarkable innovation taking place at Microsoft is an honor that fills us with great excitement and pride. And even though we’ve already accomplished so much together, we are still early in the journey.

How to Get Started

Azure Synapse customers can now connect to Incorta and automatically start a trial within the newly launched Synapse Studio Partner Center. This is available to all users performing analytics projects with a Synapse workspace and trials can be implemented directly from the Synapse Studio.

In partnership with Microsoft Azure, we are also offering a free “proof-of-value” assessment for customers who want to quickly see what Incorta Intelligent Ingest can do for their Azure Synapse Analytics environment. For qualified customers, Azure and Incorta provide a free business use case consultation, a technical deep dive session, software subscriptions, and hands-on technical expertise.

You can learn more and take advantage of this free offer by clicking here today.