Oracle BI modernization

Unlock the value of all your Oracle ERP data with Incorta

Oracle ERP cloud is a powerful enterprise resource planning solution that enables organizations to manage their financials, procurement, projects, and more. However, one of the biggest challenges for Oracle ERP cloud users is accessing and analyzing the vast amounts of data generated by their organization, leaving unused valuable data that would drive business-critical decisions and uncover more insights. Additionally, the inherent inefficiencies of working with rigid data models or combining and blending data from various sources clogs up workflows and business processes, slowing down entire functions and departments across the enterprise.  

This is where Incorta comes in. With its comprehensive solution, Oracle ERP cloud users can quickly and easily access and analyze their data. 

Incorta’s open data delivery platform combines data from multiple sources, including Oracle ERP cloud, into a single, high-performance data model with incremental refreshes and access to transaction-level detail. This allows organizations to gain deeper insights into their data and make more informed decisions faster. Incorta’s data delivery approach eliminates the need for traditional data management tools, time-consuming ETL, and hours of data wrangling by simplifying the data pipeline and reducing complexity and cost. Incorta complements existing cloud architectures to drive smarter, agile business decisions by fitting seamlessly into an existing data and analytics tech stack.  

Incorta’s solution for Oracle ERP cloud includes a pre-built data application – configurable templates- that understands how to ingest, model and deliver Oracle ERP data for a wide variety of business processes. The data applications include schemas for multiple functional areas in each application, business views that express key metrics, sample reports, visualizations and sample data. These prebuilt solutions allow users to quickly get up and running while reducing the cost of building multiple ETLs; therefore, providing business-ready data to many business applications and data destinations. Incorta is an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that offers drag-and-drop interactivity empowers analysts to build custom dashboards, reports, and visualizations, and enables data consumers to drill into the transaction-level details for a deeper understanding of the data behind the data. With Incorta, Oracle ERP cloud users can easily analyze their data in real time and immediately find answers to the most critical business questions. 

Broadcom, a global technology company, is one organization that has benefitted from Incorta’s solution for Oracle ERP cloud. Prior to using Incorta, Broadcom struggled with slow and cumbersome data analytics processes. The company needed a solution that would allow them to quickly and easily access and analyze their Oracle ERP cloud data. After implementing Incorta’s platform, Broadcom was able to reduce their report development time from weeks to minutes, allowing them to make more informed decisions in real-time and preserving nearly $12 billion in market capitalization. 

Overall, Incorta’s solution for Oracle ERP cloud provides organizations with a powerful and flexible data analytics platform that enables them to gain deeper insights into their data and make better decisions. With its pre-built data applications, drag-and-drop interface, and intuitive operational analytics capabilities, Incorta simplifies data access for all end users and reduces complexity and cost, making it an ideal solution for Oracle ERP cloud users looking to improve their data analytics capabilities.  

If you are struggling with accessing and analyzing your Oracle ERP cloud data, Incorta may be the solution you need to unlock the full potential of your data. See the platform in action during an upcoming live demo. Register now.