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The Transformational Journey of Sooner Pipe with Incorta: Unveiling a Data-Driven Revolution

In a recent webinar, Hemal Solanki, General Manager of IT at Sooner Pipe, shed light on the challenges the company faced in the supply chain and manufacturing industries while working to improve financial and operational performance.

Challenges before Incorta

In the vast realm of the oil and gas industry, Sooner Pipe stands tall as one of the largest distributors of oil country tubular goods (OCTG). For over a decade, they navigated the complex landscape of ERP systems, legacy reporting tools, and cumbersome data ecosystems. However, their voyage towards streamlined, efficient operations found a turning point when they embraced Incorta, an analytics platform that revolutionized their approach to data management and decision-making.

In a recent webinar, Hemal Solanki, General Manager of IT at Sooner Pipe, shed light on the challenges the company faced before discovering Incorta. Sooner Pipe relied on Oracle EBS (Enterprise Business Suite) as their ERP system, accompanied by Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) for reporting purposes. Yet, over time, the company’s expansion, diversified business lines, and evolving use cases led to a labyrinthine network of reporting tools, maintenance hurdles, and costly upgrade requirements.

“We went to a point where the whole ecosystem of reporting tools became very cumbersome to maintain and use, with a lot of different products involved,” shared Hemal Solanki. The prospect of extensive and costly upgrades to continue leveraging new features became a bottleneck, prompting them to seek an alternative solution.

Incorta Solution

Incorta offered a compelling suite of features that immediately resonated with Sooner Pipe’s goals. With out-of-the-box integration and simplified ETL processes specifically tailored for Oracle EBS, Incorta swiftly became the catalyst for Sooner Pipe’s transformative journey.

The migration of over a decade’s worth of legacy reports to Incorta was achieved within four months, a remarkable feat considering the scale and complexity of their data. The efficiency of data extraction and loading dramatically improved, reducing loading time from two and a half hours to a mere hour.

But it wasn’t merely about speed. Sooner Pipe sought accuracy and trust in their data. Incorta’s capabilities addressed discrepancies between summary and detailed reports, instilling confidence in the data presented to the accounting and executive teams. “We wanted Incorta to be that one place where they go and run all the reports,” stated Hemal Solanki. And with Incorta, they achieved this unified, reliable source of truth.

Moreover, Incorta empowered Sooner Pipe’s teams to delve into inventory management, a cornerstone of their business operations. The platform facilitated the creation of diverse dashboards catering to different departments, enabling quick and informed decision-making. No longer constrained by lengthy turnaround times for data requests or report modifications, the teams gained autonomy to explore data in multiple dimensions and act promptly. With this new visibility into their data, Sooner Pipe was able to maintain better control of inventory levels, providing significant cost savings by preventing over-purchasing and optimizing stock. 

The success story of Sooner Pipe’s implementation of Incorta resonated across the webinar, as other industry experts corroborated similar experiences in different contexts. Whether it was streamlining inventory management, leveraging AI for predictive analysis, or improving supply chain dynamics, Incorta emerged as the pivotal enabler for data-driven transformations.

Leveraging Incorta for future success

As Hemal Solanki shared insights into future endeavors at Sooner Pipe, the focus expanded towards AI initiatives utilizing Incorta’s data prowess. With Incorta’s ability to provide the best access to accurate data, Sooner Pipe can train AI models to predict raw material price changes, improving margins and giving a strategic advantage in procurement decisions. 

Jim Schoene from Composites One echoed a similar sentiment, highlighting the visibility and governance capabilities of Incorta that had streamlined their auditing processes. Leveraging Incorta’s user analytics tools, they tracked report usage, enabling better governance and informed decision-making about report modifications.

The panel discussion resonated with the collective consensus that Incorta was not merely a tool but an essential strategic partner in propelling organizations towards data-driven excellence. The platform’s innate ability to simplify complex data structures, expedite data access, and empower AI initiatives was lauded across the board.


As the webinar concluded, the spotlight lingered on Incorta’s potential to drive a paradigm shift in how organizations perceive and leverage their data assets. Hemal Solanki’s closing advice to explore Incorta’s prebuilt reports resonated profoundly, encapsulating the platform’s comprehensive capabilities that extend far beyond the surface.

In closing, Sooner Pipe’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of Incorta in liberating enterprises from data silos, enabling agile decision-making, and fostering a culture of data-driven innovation. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, Incorta stands as a beacon, empowering businesses to harness the true potential of their data for a future where insights are currency and informed decisions pave the path to success.


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