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Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo 2022: Where Incorta’s approach to real-time operational analytics on raw data stands alone

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Despite massive investments in data and analytics technology, most people still make business decisions using intuition, not data. That’s because outdated, waterfall-designed data engineering methods and tools (some almost 30 years old) make it an extremely complex undertaking to implement multiple complex source systems and efficiently deliver data from those systems for analysis. They also require data engineers to construct a brittle data pipeline and prepare in advance all the data anyone will ever need to move a business forward.

But that’s just ludicrous, isn’t it? Neither you nor your users can possibly know upfront all the questions you’ll need to ask of your data now and in the future — even when times are stable and world events aren’t veering us off in unimagined directions like they are now.

That’s why Incorta brings a revolutionary new idea to the analytics table: 

​​We take in and preserve the lineage of raw, original, detailed data from large operational applications like SAP and Oracle and immediately perform very fast analytical queries directly against it.

With Incorta, users can finally directly query business data that’s 100% identical to source — with no data transformation required. 

It’s how Incorta makes months-long BI projects a thing of the past — not to mention the “guessing” that goes along with business users trying to identify which data they need in advance. It’s why organizations that use Incorta can deploy analytics for complex applications like Oracle EBS in only 6-10 weeks and make transaction-level details immediately available to answer ad hoc, root-cause questions. It’s why, with Incorta, it’s 100x easier for IT teams to solve for data access and self-service with agility, flexibility and security — and at least 10x faster to query operational data than what Incorta’s closest competitors can do.

In fact, companies that use Incorta — like Shutterfly, Keysight, Broadcom and Comcast, to name a few — have routinely gone from raw data to insights in only days. They finally can find the answers they need by directly analyzing the original, detailed, transaction-level data coming from ERP, CRM and operational applications such as point-of-sale (POS) — and do it all in near real-time. 

But don’t take our word for it. Broadcom CIO Alan Davidson says, “We have billions of records in our databases, so it is not an insignificant challenge to analyze this information. What really came through with Incorta was its simplicity to ingest large volumes of data and get to analytical insight quickly. Our business users today now have the flexibility to do what-if analysis, slice and dice information and understand trends from data all on their own.”

Time and again, our customers tell us the value they receive in terms of building an agile business and fueling a culture of data curiosity simply can’t be replicated with any other analytics platform. 

So, if I’ve piqued your interest like I hope I have, come see us at IT Symposium/Xpo to find out exactly how Incorta:

  • Eliminates the need for decades-old data engineering methods like dimensional models, star schemas, and ETLs by leaving data in third normal form (3NF), with no data loss, while retaining all the original transaction detail and data fidelity;
  • Delivers sub-second aggregations and filters across complex relationships, so analysts can slice/dice and summarize data through dashboards at the speed of thought; and
  • Pre-processes — or “maps” — incoming data, so it doesn’t have to be transformed, reshaped, or aggregated in order to have blazing fast query performance.

Where can you learn more about Incorta at the Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo 2022 in Orlando?

Visit us in booth #626 anytime during the show or pre-schedule a demo ahead of time.

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