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Customer Secrets Revealed: Liberating Millions of Dollars by Avoiding Star Schemas

Whether you’re new to business intelligence (BI) or been around the block a few times, you’ve probably learned the ins and outs of traditional BI’s Extract Transform Load (ETL) processes and data warehouses. And you’ve likely surmised—as we did—that this issue-riddled, legacy approach simply doesn’t cut it anymore.

Claiming “easy” retrieval, data is extracted from enterprise data stores, and converted into star schema and other models. But retrieving and analyzing timely, critical business data is anything but easy when you do it this way. Even so-called “modern BI” environments merely automate some of the pain of ETL processes—they don’t solve the underlying problem at all. The mounting frustrations faced by business users starving for important insights remain.

That’s why Incorta does it differently. It’s why we developed an all-new approach to enterprise analytics, one that speeds time to insight and vaporizes all of those legacy BI blockades.

And we’re proud to say it delivers big results for our customers. So big, in fact, that Google Head of User Growth and Analytics Ken Rudin declared Incorta as “…the first time I’ve seen real innovation in this area since 1988,” and Eckerson Group Director Dave Wells proclaimed, “Incorta revolutionizes the data analytics market by making all the data it manages—enterprise data, Big Data, external data—available in one place, in its raw form, so we don’t have to undertake any data transformation operations that damage its analytic value.”

But what we hear from our customers is their ability to make data-driven decisions more efficiently. And that’s what we wanted to share with you in our new ebook “Confessions of Enterprise BI Leaders: How Four Companies Avoided Expensive Star Schemas, Gained Massive Insight, and Unlocked Millions,” where:

  • global communications semiconductor company Broadcom explains how it built innovative, self-service analytics to enable speedy access to information, for an improved bottom line and increased employee productivity;
  • a global coffee company and coffeehouse chain describes how it massively improved its product profitability across 28,000 stores and better understands its business;
  • global security and home control systems market leader Nortek details how it converts China tariffs into a competitive advantage and solves complex issues via informed decision-making; and
  • a Fortune 10 company discusses how it bypasses data modeling to easily deliver extremely complex operational reports.

We’re confident that, like them, you’ll be impressed and astounded by the way Incorta:

  • hyperconverges traditional BI’s three tiers into a single platform—no ETL, no data warehouse, and no pre-aggregations;
  • delivers operating analytics from enterprise application data in only days—not weeks or months—without losing any data fidelity or security; and
  • encourages business user “data curiosity.”

But don’t take it from me—read the ebook.

Learn more—read the new “Confessions of Enterprise BI Leaders: How Four Companies Avoided Expensive Star Schemas, Gained Massive Insight, and Unlocked Millions” ebook today.