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Countdown to OpenWorld: How Incorta Turbocharges Oracle E-Business Suite

As discussed in our first “Countdown to OpenWorld” blog, our Incorta team’s wide range of Oracle experience gives us unique insight into all-things-Oracle. So we knew that—while Oracle is really good at building databases—it’s not particularly focused on what users need to be successful.

But we at Incorta are. That’s why one of the first pre-packaged analytics solutions we introduced was purposefully designed for Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) users.

In our second “Countdown to OpenWorld” blog, we explain how Incorta’s new, self-service approach featuring out-of-the-box dashboards, reports, and KPIs gives Oracle EBS customers the analytics and reporting they’ve been waiting for.

Incorta’s Analytics and Reporting Solutions for Oracle EBS

One of EBS’s greatest strengths is its extensible and flexible architecture, which lets organizations develop highly customized deployments that meet their unique business needs. Unfortunately, it also means they have to build custom reporting and analytics solutions, too.

But that’s not what businesses want or need. They want a quick-to-implement, low-maintenance analytics solution that easily combines data from multiple sources to empower business users with:

  • self-service analysis — business users create and modify reports on their own;
  • ad-hoc capabilities— users can easily take a previously unconsidered analysis path;
  • pre-built content— users don’t have to build everything from scratch;
  • business-driven logic— logic that’s defined by actual business users; and
  • analytics without harm— users can query data without harm, return seemingly “bad” queries in a reasonable amount of time, and move forward without IT intervention when they do encounter bad queries.

These are things we understand firsthand from our time at Oracle, and things we set out to provide when we built Incorta’s pre-packaged analytics solution for EBS. But we didn’t want to deliver just one or some of these things—we knew that incomplete approach wouldn’t solve the business user challenge organizations face.

We knew we had to meet ALL of these needs, in a single and affordable solution.

So we did just that. And that’s an analytics game changer for Oracle EBS users. While other solutions may do one or some of the above—only Incorta does all of them.

We do it via:

  • out-of-the-box, pre-built dashboards, reports, and KPIs designed specifically for Oracle EBS;
  • integrations with key Oracle application architecture—such EBS Flexfields, Chart of Accounts, and Common Dimensions—enabling seamless integration across multiple EBS modules;
  • pre-packaged schema for many EBS modules, including Financials, Order Management, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain; and
  • a security approach that inherits application user security configurations from EBS, so administrators don’t have to maintain separate security policies.

Oracle EBS users realize tremendous, additional business benefit because of Incorta. Online image publishing service Shutterfly is a great example: using Incorta, Shutterfly was able to bypass the entire data warehouse and extract, transform, load (ETL) process by mirroring data directly into the Incorta Direct Data Mapping platform—no data modeling required.

Incorta’s approach enables businesses to deploy complex business solutions in under six weeks, not months or years. And any business using Oracle EBS can enjoy these kinds of results by using Incorta.

With Incorta, your business users can make better, faster decisions using up-to-date data and build the high-performance reports they need—all on their own. And all EBS users get value they can’t get anywhere else.

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