Workday Adaptive and Incorta

Accelerate and improve forecasting and planning with access to near real time transaction level data.


Finance teams are looking to use predictive analytics and AI to better plan, budget and forecast to deepen insights, unlock operational efficiencies and support business agility to compete in growing markets, navigate global disruptions and manage risk in volatile market conditions. 

Most financial planning tools struggle with the high volume of fast-moving transactional data in these situations. Instead, they often rely on simple overnight snapshots of data that arrive pre-summarized from systems of record. 

Without access to fresh, granular data from operational systems, teams will struggle to automate their finance processes, wasting valuable resources trying to investigate inaccuracies that arise from data bottlenecks between their data sources and their reporting. 

Workday Adaptive and Incorta

Workday Adaptive and Incorta share the ability to complement legacy on prem solutions and hybrid cloud based applications to provide architecture agility.

Incorta delivers detailed granular level data to Workday Adaptive, ready for advanced ML capabilities.

Incorta offers seamless drill-through from high-level metrics to detailed transactions without data reshaping or aggregation for critical root-cause analysis.

With the integration abilities of Workday Adaptive and Incorta, users can easily connect with any sources including ERP/GL data sources, combining access to financial and non financial data.

Incorta provides faster and more frequent data refreshes and updates, accelerating the access to critical information