Databricks and Incorta

Operational analytics meets flexible big data processing at scale with unmatched performance.


Enterprises have volumes of data spread across disparate, siloed sources. As the types of data grow, the use cases grow, and the complexity of integrating that data into the right software to enable the data consumers – human and machine – grow.

Leading companies need a scalable, flexible solution to match the growth of data, use cases and demand. Choosing the right technology or ecosystem of technologies that will allow Enterprises to meet the demands of tomorrow while continuing business as usual today is difficult and has consequences. 

When it comes to operational data (the data that underpins the core parts of a business that create value, such as financials, supply chain, and human resources) organizations routinely fail to deliver value from analytics pipelines that were designed in a way that resembles ‘big data’ environments. 

Why? Because they are trying to solve a fundamentally different data challenge with essentially the same approach, and it doesn’t work. 

Databricks and Incorta

Incorta complements your Databricks lakehouse strategy by delivering operational data analytics from your most complex business applications, ready for insights.

Incorta unlocks data silos with no engineering or transformation required, delivering data at speed to the Databricks Lakehouse Platform enabling and extending real time operational analytics on large, high-value data sets from across the enterprise.

Incorta offers seamless drill-through from high-level metrics to detailed transactions without data reshaping or aggregation for critical root-cause analysis.

With the integration of Incorta with Databricks Lakehouse Platform, users can easily connect with any sources eliminating data silos.

Incorta optimizes ingestion, management and processing of pipelines for delivery of complex business application data ready for use by data consumers and AL/ML models and workloads.