Data analytics for the modern CFO

The modern CFO is relied upon to be a strategic leader, understanding performance and applying resources wherever they’ll be most effective in the business. Data is essential to making the right decisions.

Incorta analytics powers fast, effective CFO decisions

No data projects, no modeling, no complicated extraction processes, and above all — no waiting for IT when you want to explore new ideas and interrogate the data in a new way.

Fast to implement

Only Incorta can be implemented in a day. We skip the complicated, old-school steps that everyone else requires you to perform for their solution to work. No ETL, no reshaping of the data, and no modeling mean that you’ll be analyzing data for business insights while they’re still planning the implementation.

Fast to change

With other platforms, every change to your business means re-work. New data source? Rewrite your ETL and remodel. New question to answer? Rebuild connections, and remodel. With Incorta, users can adapt to changing business needs without breaking existing analytics and without expensive and time-consuming rework. Welcome to the new analytics reality

Fast to perform

They need to create complex data models with subsets of your data in order to perform. We use your entire dataset, not aggregates or rollups, and still run circles around the others in raw analytic performance. We’ve helped companies like Starbucks and Facebook cut analytic run times from hours to sub-seconds. All without the expensive hardware and lengthy implementation others require.

Hundreds of complex data sources, thousands of tables, billions of rows. All without headaches.

Connect to anything

No data warehouse means no separate ETL, data warehouse and reporting projects taking up valuable IT time and driving up the total cost of ownership. Implement Incorta in days and create new EBS reports in minutes, not months.

All your data available

Prepackaged EBS reports, dashboards and KPIs deliver superior performance compared to other options, reducing reporting times from hours to just seconds without degrading the performance of other business applications.

Ready for the future

Separate security policies no longer need to be created, maintained and inherited directly from Oracle — Incorta maintains the security parameters of source applications during analysis.

“It used to take 8 to 12 weeks to get a report from request to production. With Incorta, business users can do that on their own, instantaneously. It’s been a huge surprise to the business community that they can do more — with less IT support.”