Next-gen self-service data analytics solution

The Incorta unified data and analytics platform delivers an end-to-end self-service data experience, giving everyone the means to acquire, enrich, analyze and act on their business data with unmatched speed, simplicity and insight.

Direct is the fastest path to insight

The Incorta unified data and analytics platform is a breakthrough in data analysis technology that delivers breathtaking performance without the complexity, cost and proprietary lock-in of other solutions.

Incorta brings together the most essential data pipeline tools, data science and data enrichment tools, and data analytics tools into a unified data experience in the cloud or on premises.

Many of the foremost brands in the world rely on Incorta to handle their largest and most complex data problems.

Direct Data Mapping®

Revolutionary performance that reduces query times from 10 hours to one second without transforming, reshaping or aggregating your data.

Direct data loading

Ultra-high-performance extraction from any data source into a durable and compact data store that feeds multiple workloads.

Direct data drill down

Simple, powerful and direct access from metrics and KPIs to detailed data. From strategic analysis to data science, everyone starts with the same single source of truth.

Direct data security

No more trade-offs between data fidelity, performance and controls. Real-time row- and column-level security for optimized access and privacy.

What is the unified data and analytics platform?

The Incorta unified data and analytics platform gives any business user the ability to analyze complex, full-fidelity business data in real time. It also provides integrated user access to all other components of the data pipeline — data connections, business semantics, security settings, scheduling and publishing — allowing lines of business to be more self-sufficient and more agile.

The main difference between Incorta and other platforms is that it doesn’t require that data be reshaped and aggregated to fit an analytical or dimensional model. Incorta is able to analyze complex, full-fidelity business data in real time.

Data from a variety of sources, including applications, databases, streams and files, are easily brought together, processed and delivered to any kind of user, whether a business data consumer, a data analyst or even a data scientist.

This means a single repository of data, and a single source of truth for multiple workloads including business intelligence, analytics and machine learning. It also means incredibly fast performance whether you are using Incorta’s native tools, using various third-party BI tools like Power BI or Tableau, or you are developing in Python, R or Scala inside of a Spark notebook.

Incorta customers skip past costly and time-consuming data warehouse projects, and focus on delivering data, insights and real business results.

What can you do with a unified data and analytics platform? With Incorta, you can deliver a real end-to-end self-service user experience that can be used without training and without high licensing costs so that truly everyone in the organization can leverage better data.

More technical users will appreciate the preconfigured Spark cluster for running data enrichment tasks written in Python, Scala, R and SQL. Included machine learning (ML) libraries make it easy to set up time-series predictions, outlier detection, classification and many other machine learning models. And, built-in job scheduling makes it easy to orchestrate model retraining, predictions and monitoring.

Get a fast start with Incorta data applications, which encapsulate best practices and prebuilt content for accessing, organizing and presenting data from popular business solutions such as Oracle E-Business Suite, ERP Cloud, NetSuite, SAP, JD Edwards and Salesforce.

Develop new data products using our API and CLI to modify schemas, trigger loads, manage dashboards, implement security and synchronize single sign-on (SSO).

Use popular tools such as Tableau and Power BI against the open SQL interface, and benefit from Incorta’s vastly improved query performance against data in memory, data on-disk, or data in remote systems.

Who can benefit from the unified data and analytics platform? For enterprise lines of business craving more agility, organizations of all sizes who need barriers removed, or even developers who have great ideas, Incorta reduces the time, effort and cost needed to explore, develop, test and deploy data analytics.

For business analysts, this means less waiting and more innovating with data. For data scientists, it means less data wrangling and more insights. For data consumers, it means less friction and faster time to value.

With its ease of use, unrivaled performance and practical features, Incorta consistently delivers better business outcomes for data problems of all sizes, from department-level innovation to company-wide operational reporting.