Unlock EBS data with Incorta: supply chain


Projecting supply chain performance with Incorta self-service analytics


Incorta for financial analytics

Learn how to overcome finance data challenges with Incorta. We’ll explore real-world use cases and show how Incorta users get ahead of the competition by harnessing the speed and visibility of their financial data.


Incorta’s unified data analytics platform: 5-minute retail integration

This demo highlights a real-world application of Incorta to help a retail grocer:

  • Integrate complex systems 
  • Detect anomalies in buyer behavior 
  • Quickly incorporate relevant external data

Intelligent Ingest with Oracle EBS product demo

Watch this demo to see how to extract data from an EBS system, pull that data into Incorta and model it, and then push that data into Microsoft Azure Synapse so that it can be accessed by Power BI.


Unify data analytics through Salesforce integration

This Salesforce integration demo highlights Incorta’s unified data analytics platform and the power of Incorta’s Blueprints.