Incorta component SDK

The Incorta Component SDK allows JavaScript developers to extend the Incorta visual framework with new custom components, including new visual elements.


Physical schema abstraction using business views

The Incorta Business Schema is a semantic layer that provides business-friendly views and abstracts the physical schemas from dashboards.


Incorta data agent

The Incorta data agent allows you to extract data from one or more databases that are behind a firewall. For example, you can connect to a database located within your on-premises infrastructure, from Incorta that is running in the cloud.


Data mesh: applied technology

If you are familiar with data mesh concepts but don’t know where to begin, this is the video for you. We take each of the core four principles and map them to specific capabilities inside Incorta’s data and analytics platform to help you visualize domain-oriented data ownership within your own organization.