Incorta Announces Native Delta Sharing Integration and New Data Apps

San Mateo, CA, June 2, 2022 — Incorta the platform for real-time operational analytics on raw business data, today announced new capabilities and enhancements, including Delta Sharing compatibility and several new data apps. With these latest updates, Incorta is making it even faster and easier for customers to get operational data from source systems and make it ready for business analysis. The newly released data apps offer prebuilt business schemas and dashboards for Oracle EBS, Oracle ERP and EPM Clouds, NetSuite, SAP, and others. The Delta Sharing upgrade is a native integration that enables Incorta customers to quickly and easily share operational data across a wide variety of data platforms and solutions. The updates are now live and available to all customers.

“The cloud is bringing an entirely new level of openness and interoperability to data analytics, and that is creating so much innovation across the entire ecosystem,” said Osama Elkady, Incorta co-founder and CTO. “Delta Sharing is a huge enabler of this trend and we are excited to see all of the ways Incorta customers will leverage it for operational analytics.”

Delta Sharing is an open protocol for secure data sharing. With this enhancement, it’s now faster and easier than ever for Incorta customers to share operational data with other organizations, regardless of which computing platforms they use.

Data apps make it fast and easy to get operational data from source systems and prepare it for business analysis. The analytical blueprints eliminate the need for complex star schemas and make it easy to start analyzing operational data in a few steps with prebuilt, flexible data pipelines, effectively demystifying the traditional steps associated with turning raw operational data into business-ready data.

“Every company today struggles with operational analytics. Almost nobody talks about it, but even the most advanced companies of our time — the tech titans and pioneers of ‘data as a service’ — are stuck with this monkey on their back,” said Matthew Halliday, Incorta co-founder and EVP of Product. “Incorta solves this problem, and our data apps are a springboard to even faster time to insight — eliminating so much of the work needed to access, organize, and present data from popular business systems such as Oracle EBS, ERP Cloud, NetSuite, SAP, JD Edwards, Salesforce, and a rapidly growing number of others.”

Incorta changes the game for data practitioners by enabling analysis of raw business data to dramatically shorten the data pipeline. It directly maps to source application data, eliminating traditional transformation and aggregation steps. A self-service semantic layer empowers business users, enabling them to access and analyze all their data, with full transactional detail that is 100% identical to the source, and enjoy unmatched performance even against billions of records.

To learn more about Incorta data apps and how to leverage them, data architects, engineers, and scientists are encouraged to attend one of Incorta’s upcoming free virtual hands-on labs. During this interactive lab, Incorta experts will show how to build an agile data pipeline, set up your first data app on the Incorta unified data analytics platform (UDAP), and more.

To learn more about Incorta’s native integration with Delta Sharing, register for the next Action on Insights event on June 16: Liberating Data with the Delta Sharing Protocol.

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