Incorta Named 2020 Microsoft U.S. Partner Award Winner for Start Ups

SAN MATEO, Calif., August  5, 2020 – Incorta, the Direct Data Platform, today announced that it received the 2020 Microsoft U.S. Partner  Award Winner – Other – for Startups. The Microsoft award highlights the value of Incorta and Microsoft working together to accelerate business, solve problems, and build solutions for global customers.

Incorta is built to help companies stay ahead of the accelerating rate, volume, and complexity of modern enterprise data by dramatically speeding up business insights for all enterprises. Unlike traditional approaches, Incorta does not require that data be reshaped and aggregated to fit an analytical or dimensional model––Incorta is able to analyze complex, full-fidelity business data in real-time, enabling faster, more informed decision for the world’s largest companies. Microsoft enables Incorta to deepen these advantages through distinct benefits to customers. Not only does Incorta’s engine enhance customer experience by integrating with a range of Microsoft solutions, but engineering, product, and account teams at Microsoft and Incorta work together to create a streamlined workflow for all business needs.

“This prestigious recognition is a testament to our impact with Microsoft and the commitment we share to help companies reach better business decisions faster,” said Osama Elkady, CEO and cofounder, Incorta. “Our team is excited to build upon the previous year’s work to solve complex problems with our customers, and we look forward to expanding Incorta’s innovative solutions even further alongside Microsoft.”

Several of Incorta’s Fortune 100 customers run their software on Microsoft Azure and have integrated with popular Azure services, including Azure Active Directory, Azure Storage, and Azure Synapse. For more information about how Incorta and Microsoft are revolutionizing business intelligence and data management, visit To learn more about Incorta winning the 2020 Microsoft U.S. Partner Award, please read our blog.

“Now more than ever, the support from Microsoft’s partner and field sales teams have proven crucial to optimizing performance and meeting our customer demand,” said Karl Meyer, vice president of business development at Incorta. “The onset of new obstacles has placed a magnifying glass on the need for increased efficiency, and as enterprises work around the clock to meet new challenges, we are continuously reaffirming our commitment to customer success.”

Jenn Martin, senior partner development manager M12, Microsoft’s Venture Fund, said, “I’m proud of all the hard work and impact Incorta had on customers this year. We’re proud to recognize Incorta with the 2020 Microsoft U.S. Partner Award Winner – Other – for Start Ups. Congrats team!”