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Incorta Powers Business Analytics On-The-Go with New Mobile Apps

Now Available on iOS and Android, Incorta Mobile Brings Fast Analytics to Business Teams on the Move  with a Familiar, Easy-to-Use Mobile-Native Experience

SAN MATEO, CA, May 19, 2021 Incortathe Direct Data Platform, today announced the launch of Incorta Mobile, the world’s first unified data analytics experience for mobile devices. Now available in the iOS and Android app stores, Incorta Mobile gives Incorta users a powerful and convenient way to access, view and analyze business data from anywhere, at any time, with the ability to drill-down into specific transaction details. The mobile-native apps are built for power users and novices alike, and provide mobile shortcuts and other optimizations for small screens, along with an immersive augmented reality experience for iOS users. 

“Business teams everywhere are demanding faster access to more and better data,” said Scott Jones, CEO of Incorta. “From the back office to the front lines of business, everyone now recognizes the value that data brings to decision making. With Incorta Mobile, our unified data analytics platform becomes even more powerful, convenient, and accessible to the next wave of data-driven decision makers – the rest of the business.”

Incorta Mobile is powered by Incorta 5, the Direct Data Platform, and delivers the full spectrum of Incorta insights, visualizations and KPIs on a smaller screen. Mobile users benefit from Incorta’s Direct Data Mapping, which provides both astonishingly fast analytics with the ability to drill down to any level of detail. New features include: 

  • Native Tooltips and Pinch-to-Zoom: Tapping and panning your mobile device pulls up native tooltips, as well as data filtering options, making it easy to select, filter and observe data points on small, touch-screen devices. Pinching and zooming makes it easy to view chart details in larger sizes. 
  • Filters and Bookmarks: Quickly and easily filter data, adjust views and bookmark favorites for a more simple and productive user experience. Users can create highly-tailored content according to their specific needs and preferences right inside the app.
  • Widgets: Create shortcuts or “saved views” of key insights on the homescreen of a mobile device to monitor and share important views of data with a single tap. 
  • Biometrics: Save and protect Incorta Mobile login credentials with Face ID for enhanced security and fast access to the app. 
  • Augmented Reality: Viewing large data sets and dashboards in augmented reality makes working with full layouts on small screens more practical and intuitive. Users can zoom in and out on dashboards by rotating their device, as well as view data points by pointing at insights. 

“Incorta Mobile gives customers an even richer way to experience the unified data analytics platform they know and love,” said Matthew Halliday, Incorta Co-Founder and EVP of Product Strategy. “Powered by Direct Data Mapping, the mobile app brings near real-time data to the device we all have with us at all times. Users can pull up dashboards with intraday refreshes on their phone, freely explore and analyze the data, and then have a custom visualization ready to share in a moment’s notice.”

Incorta Mobile is now available to all customers. Users can download the app to their iOS or Android devices and log into Incorta with the same user credentials for instant access to unified data analytics on the go. 

About Incorta
Incorta is the only unified data analytics platform powered by Direct Data Mapping. Purpose-built to help companies stay ahead of the accelerating rate, volume, and complexity of modern enterprise data, the platform delivers unmatched speed and visibility. Incorta is built with open standards and integrates with cloud-friendly tools and platforms, making it easy to consolidate data in the cloud and extract meaningful insights. By making any data source continuously available for analytics, the platform helps business leaders, business teams, and data scientists make more accurate, timely, and transparent decisions with faster access to richer data sets. Backed by GV (formerly Google Ventures), Kleiner Perkins, M12 (formerly Microsoft Ventures), Telstra Ventures, and Sorenson Capital, Incorta powers analytics for some of the most valuable brands in the world, including Broadcom, Credit Suisse, and Shutterfly. To learn more and try it for yourself, visit