Differentia Consulting and Incorta Partner to Simplify and Expedite Operational Reporting for SAP and Oracle ERP Customers

February 14, 2022 — Differentia Consulting, the Smarter.BI company, and Incorta, the Direct Data Platform™, today announced a new partnership to simplify and expedite operational reporting for SAP and Oracle ERP customers. The partnership will provide Differentia Consulting’s customers with a high-powered operational analytics platform that streamlines complex analytical workloads, enables newfound business agility, and delivers real-time insights in support of hyperautomation strategies and frameworks.

Making SAP and Oracle ERP Reporting Smarter
Differentia Consulting, the technology-focused BI and ERP consultancy that specialises in solutions, support, and training in several different fields since 2002, is excited to be moving forward on a new partnership with Incorta. The company aims to help businesses achieve operational excellence, adopt hyperautomation strategies, and become more agile. For Differentia Consulting, this partnership will enable the acceleration and enhancement of SAP, Smarter.JDE, and Smarter.EBS offerings.

Automating Data Preparation for SAP and Oracle Reporting
Incorta gives organizations of all sizes a decisive advantage in operational data analytics and reporting. It provides a single, unified data analytics platform that can consolidate data management and analytics functions across the full range of enterprise data. By using Incorta, organizations avoid the hassles associated with managing and stitching together multiple solutions, and can empower the business with fast, efficient, more effective analytics.

Incorta data applications provide pre-built schemas and dashboards for accessing, organizing, and presenting data from popular business solutions, including Oracle e-Business Suite, Oracle ERP Cloud, NetSuite, SAP, JD Edwards, and more. Data Apps eliminate the need for organizations to “reinvent the wheel,” using third-party BI tools to access data in commercial packages and ETL pipelines to create business-friendly views.

Differentia Consulting will be enhancing its Smarter.BI offerings to combine with Data Apps for Oracle and SAP customers.

About Differentia Consulting
Differentia Consulting partners with IBM, Oracle (JD Edwards), Microsoft, AWS, Qlik Analytics Platform; QlikView and Qlik Sense, and Alteryx. Our clients come from all sectors and core technologies (JD Edwards, Oracle, SAP, Infor, IFS, Microsoft, SAGE, Siebel, Salesforce, SugarCRM etc). Differentia Consulting’s ERP heritage (JD Edwards) supported the move into the Enterprise Data/Analytics/BI space, with Smarter.BI powered by Qlik, delivering value to clients as they discover their business, achieve operational excellence and become more agile for continued competitive advantage.

About Incorta
Incorta disrupts a costly, time-consuming, 30-year analytics process by providing anyone in the organization with the ability to unlock the full potential of their data within complex source systems. The simplified, all-in-one unified data and analytics platform is built for business agility. It directly maps to the data source, eliminating the traditional data transformations and aggregation steps to deliver all usable data to the business. Backed by GV (formerly Google Ventures), Kleiner Perkins, M12 (formerly Microsoft Ventures), Prysm Capital, Telstra Ventures, and Sorenson Capital, Incorta powers analytics for some of the most innovative brands in the world, including Broadcom, Credit Suisse, and Shutterfly. To learn more and try it for yourself, visit www.incorta.com.

Media Contact:
Erica Anderson
Offleash PR for Incorta