Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Overview

Robust & Distributed Infrastructure 

Incorta’s business continuity is engineered with a single mission: No Single Point of Failure. By adopting high-reliability cloud platforms, SaaS applications, and server storage solutions, we ensure resilience and availability for our clientele. 

Global Operational Consistency 

Our globally distributed team, located from the US to Europe and Egypt, guarantees that we remain operational even during large-scale disruptions. Whether from our headquarters, satellite offices, or safely from home, our network of cloud solutions keeps business as usual. 

Rapid Disaster Response 

When disruptions arise: 

Level 1: Major data center failure – Recovery within 24 hours. 

Level 2: Critical failure – Recovery within 8 hours. 

Level 3: Single critical failure – System restoration within 4 hours. 

Level 4: Minimal impact events – No disruption. 

Backup, Restoration & Recovery 

Incorta’s SaaS applications are always safeguarded. Our data backups are entrusted to top-tier vendors, ensuring swift data recovery. Our recovery strategy remains agile, focusing on maintaining vital operations and meeting predefined recovery times. 

Proven Strategies in Action 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our business continuity plans proved efficient. While the world paused, we continued to deliver, leveraging AWS, MS Azure, and Google Cloud Platforms to offer round-the-clock customer service.  

Continuous Testing & Maintenance 

Our commitment to reliability is not just on paper. Through regular Tabletop and Technical Testing, we validate our crisis response, ensuring both our internal teams and customers experience minimal disruption. 

Transparent Communication 

Timely and accurate communication remains at the forefront of our strategy. Whether it’s a minor disruption or a significant event, our protocol ensures stakeholders are informed and updated. 

Dedicated Recovery Plan 

Should any of our global locations experience disruptions longer than two hours, our Disaster Recovery Plan is triggered. From logging outages to training personnel, we have systems in place to restore services promptly. 

A Culture of Compliance   

Our policies and procedures don’t just adhere to standards—they often set them. With rigorous adherence to GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, ISO 27001, and more, we ensure our business continuity strategies meet and exceed global benchmarks. 

Our Promise   

Incorta stands resilient against both man-made and natural disruptions. With a blend of cloud platforms, redundant networks, and tested strategies, we commit to uninterrupted service and support to our customers, come what may. 

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